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Roman Reigns retains the Universal Championship in shocking fashion at WWE Hell in a Cell

The game was brutal as anticipated, with the two Roman Reigns and Jey Uso visiting another level to win the matchup. The Universal Champion was at his finest in regards to discussing crap through the slow-paced bout.

Throughout the last minutes of the game, the referee attempted to finish it when Jey Uso appeared incapable to defend himself he had been stopped and thrown from the ring by Roman Reigns.

This resulted in officials coming out to attempt to prevent the Universal Champion. The Tribal Chief did not quit there and was seeking to finish the game and injure his cousin using a metal step.

Jimmy Uso would reunite and attempted to rescue his brother. On the other hand, The Tribal Chief would continue to assault Jimmy Uso and lock him into his brand new entry finisher. This contributed to Jey Uso stating”I Quit” to rescue his wounded brother out of Roman Reigns, thus handing the Tribal Chief the success.

What occurred following the game between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso?

Roman Reigns led to the peak of the ramp following the game, where the mythical Wild Samoans had met him. Both went on to summit Roman Reigns since the Tribal Chief, finishing the section epically.

It’s to be seen what’s next for Your Usos following this reduction. Following the consequences declared by Reigns on SmackDown, the prior Tag-team Champions will need to perform The Tribal Chief’s bidding from today on. Should they fail to do so, the two guys will be kicked from their Anoa’i family.

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