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Shane Dawson Net Worth

NET WORTH$16,000,000
NameShane Lee Yaw
Date of Birth/AgeJuly 19, 1988 (age 31)
State/City of originLong Beach, California, U.S.
Years active2008–present
Occupation(s)YouTube personality, author, actor.

Net Worth

With this much fame on two YouTube stations, it is no surprise that Dawson has been making substantial sums of money.

He’s been quite successful as a celebrity and on social networking platforms, such as as a YouTube character.

Shane Lee Yaw, better called Shane Dawson, of Long Beach, California is a YouTuber, celebrity, comedian, writer, musician, and movie director.

Since 2008, Shane’s YouTube station has increased appreciably.  He has over 8 million subscribers and over 1.2 million viewpoints.

But, Shane has also had his load of online scandals and controversies that just resulted in him gaining even more popularity as more people subscribed to his stations because the events happened.

One episode occurred in 2018 when Shane had been criticized for a number of his documentaries The Head of Jake Paul’ and the Secret World of Jeffree Star’ when some claimed he had been overly sympathetic as it came to racism scandals.

Others accused him of being pedophilic following Shane known as a 6-year-old Instagram celebrity, “hot” in a staged manner.

However, in March 2019, the worst came after a podcast clip from 2015 surfaced with Shane admitting to having completed sexual acts on his kitty at age 19.

Shane has denied the allegations, stating they weren’t accurate and centered on Twitter.

Just how Much Shane Dawson Create a Year

Shane Dawson’s YouTube station referred to as”Shane Dawson TV” has gathered over 8 million readers and obtained over 4.2 million viewpoints since 2008 before the present.

The movies of his station gain almost 100,000 views every day, which may make him an estimated $400 per day or $150,000 each year.

While his additional station called”Shane,” produces almost 1.2 billion views daily, which might bring in estimated annual earnings of roughly $16,800 daily approximately $6.2 million annually.

How can Shane Dawson earn his cash?

Shane Dawson is among the best YouTube personalities who gained most of his $16 million net worth from YouTube.

He’s also a writer, actor, writer, and producer who is most famous for playing several characters in the movies that he uploads to YouTube.

He possesses not a single popular station, but two enormous YouTube stations known as”Shane” and”Shane Dawson TV”.

He does his vlogging on his Shane station, which — because September 2005 — includes over 22 million subscribers and more than 5 million viewpoints, while he places his everyday humor sketches on his Shane Dawson TV station.


Shane Dawson was among the first people to turn into a YouTube celebrity.  But he’s not simply a renowned American YouTuber who behaves and does humor but can be a writer, musician, and director also.

He gained nearly all his fame from his YouTube station, “Shane,” which ranks as a top 100 station with the most readers because he now has over 21 million readers.

Historical Life

He’s two older brothers Jerid and Jacob Yaw and as a teen, he had been physically and emotionally abused by his father who was an alcoholic that afterward abandoned the household.

Shane was obese as a teen and while attending Lakewood High School, was bullied since his family was poor.  But he’s dropped 150 pounds since then.

After he and a number of his classmates in college turned into movies as part of the college job, Shane began to become enthusiastic about producing movies.

Back in 2008, at 19 years old, Shane combined YouTube and began fulfilling his enthusiasm to earn videos where he started creating sketch humor videos and impersonated celebs, acted as first characters, and made fun of pop culture.

The YouTuber turned out to be quite talented and talented because he soon rose to stardom on YouTube.

Private life

Shawn Dawson’s personal life is maintained confidential possibly because he was not in several relationships as you’d think he’d be a person of such fame and extreme fame.

Formerly he began dating Lisa Schwartz — who’s just another YouTube character celebrity — in late 2011, but both rebounds in 2015.

Allegedly why his connection with Schwartz did not work out and a couple of decades afterward, he started seeing another YouTuber called”Ryland Adams”.

Both were verified to be the relationship for about three decades, but lately, Dawson suggested to Adams in March 2019 and he said YES!

The participation had lovers excited and pleased for the few it also sparked the interest of several celebrities who congratulated them.

Currently, Shane Dawson’s net worth is $16 million bucks.


In 2008, While at high school, Dawson began his YouTube station, ShaneDawsonTV that rapidly rose to fame.

He acted in the horror film,’ Smiley’ which has been nominated for a Fangoria Chainsaw Award to be one of the worst films.

Shane then tried his hand at directing a film he starred in called,’ Not Wonderful’.

In March 2008, Dawson started his initial YouTube station, “ShaneDawsonTV”.

In August 2008, his mom, and his brother were fired from Jenny Craig for utilizing the facility to capture a movie of him pole dancing.

In September 2008, Shane uploaded his introduction movie Fred is Dead’ which attracted several subscribers and surprising fame on YouTube.


Listed below are Only Some of Shane’s greatest career highlights:

 Began using YouTube in 2008

 Half billion viewpoints on YouTube in 2010

 Conspiracy Theories, YouTube at 2015

 I chased Myselfie in 2018

“You will never know where life is that doesn’t require you.  You’ll never \understand where your life is going.  However, you will not ever have the ability to learn.”  — Shane Dawson

“Do not kill yourself, kill the part of you which you do not enjoy.”  — Shane Dawson

“For ]

me personally, YouTube is not only,’ View my videos’  It is, ‘Let us have a dialogue and become involved in one another’s lives.’  I would like to make [my lovers ] feel as though they have a motive to have a YouTube accounts since they can comment and have a voice”  — Shane Dawson

Strategies for success in Shane Dawson

 Follow Your Passion: “If you are enthusiastic about something, give it all, and you’ll see happiness”.  — Shane Dawson

 It is fine to Possess Cheat Days — Shane Dawson

 Love Yourself: “If you can not laugh at yourself, then what the fuck is the purpose of living”?  –, Shane Dawson

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