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Jenna Marbles Net Worth

NET WORTH$5,000,000
NameJenna Nicole Mourey
Date of Birth/AgeSeptember 15, 1986 (age 33)
State/City of originRochester, New York, U.S.
Years active2006–present
Occupation(s)YouTube personality, Entrepreneur.

Net Worth

 Jenna is a favorite YouTuber and internet character that garners much attention with her comedic movies and sense of comedy.

When one of her movies moved viral in 2010, she obtained over 5.3 million hits in 1 week.  As of 2019, it’s been noted that Jenna has over 2.6 billion audiences on YouTube.

A monetized movie on YouTube generally earns (on the low end) $2 per 1,000 views, based on documented online advertisement averages.  If a movie earnings 1 million viewpoints, the content creator would make a $2,000 payout.

By way of instance, one of her movies had 9.3 million viewpoints, which brought her $18,000 for this 1 video.  Also, to add to her earnings, Jenna discusses schools and universities.

Additional streams of revenue comprise: co-hosting a sponsored podcast and flowing movie on Twitch together with her boyfriend, Julien.  Their Twitch station has over 230,000 followers.

About Twitch, videos perform advertisements, while audiences are seeing the content.  Streamers also acquire income if followers decide to register to Twitch and the streamer’s station for a monthly fee.

Additionally, Jenna has hosted a weekly radio series on SiriusXM which performed with the very best weekly musical strikes from YouTube, which has been a continuous way of income for ages.


Jenna Marbles, a very popular, controversial, and funny vlogger that got her start on YouTube, has undergone a lot of success with her online presence.

In March 2019, her station has created 3.1 Buyers videos with

Roughly 20 million readers.  

Early Life

Born on September 15, 1986, in Rochester, New York, Jenna dwelt together with her dad, a chemist with different patents, and an older brother.

Post collaboration, Jenna worked at many distinct jobs to make ends meet, for example, author, go-go-dancer, etc…  She finally chose to risk all and stop her dead-end jobs and visit Los Angeles.

It had been on the west shore she began making videos on YouTube full time.

Private life

Following graduation, Jenna composed for Barstool Sports on a website Named StoolLala.  Subsequently, in 2010, she published her very first movie on YouTube, which had incredible numbers.

Inside her first week on YouTube, her movie”How to Trick Individuals into believing you’re Great Looking” went viral, becoming over 5.3 million viewpoints.

Her next movie is known as”How to Prevent Discussing People You Do Not Want to Speak to” and has been included in The New York Times and ABC News.

Jenna picked the pen name of”Marbles” because of the last name later he Chihuahua, Marbles.  She has three other dogs named Kermit, Peach, and Bunny who she additionally features within her YouTube videos.

The Virgo entrepreneur has also turned into a full-time, practicing dish since 2015.  Jenna was in a relationship with Julien Solomita, yet another vlogger, as of 2013.  Together, both work as electronic entertainers.


Although lots of people over 30 don’t know who Jenna Marbles is, she’s the queen of adolescent girls who love YouTube.

Nowadays, she’s more Facebook lovers than Jennifer Lawrence and much more Instagram buddies than Oprah.  Her movies create multiple billion YouTube viewpoints with over eight million readers and counting.

But under a decade past, Jenna shared a two-bedroom flat in Cambridge, Massachusetts, paying $800 for lease.

She strove to make ends meet by bartending, blogging, go-go-dancing in clubs, working in a tanning salon, etc…  After she moved to Los Angeles, she made her big break with her very first movie on YouTube.

Since that time, Jenna has uploaded a fresh video every Wednesday and Thursday.  Jenna emerged in Epic Rap Battles of History (year two ), incident 13.  

She played Miley Cyrus at YouTube Rewind 2013, appeared in Ridiculousness Season 4 in January 2014, and appeared as herself in the film, Smosh.

In 2015, Jenna brought in specialists, such as a personal assistant, business director, and chief executive officer, to help her advance her career in the industry.

She works together with her boyfriend’s group to create their weekly podcast called”The Jenna Julien Podcast,” mixing their titles.

Interesting Facts

Jenna became the executive producer for a movie according to James Patterson’s book, Maximum Ride.

Along with her film and societal networking creds, she’s enlarged her entrepreneurial abilities by releasing new dog toys known as Kermie Word along with Mr. Marbles.

The appearance of the toys is all based on her four puppies in real life.  Jenna has been the recipient of several awards and nominations, such as Young Hollywood, Streamy Award, Teen Choice Award for Choice YouTuber, Shorty Award to its Creator of this Decade, etc…

Jenna’s hottest YouTube videos comprise the following: “The Way To Trick People Into Thinking You Are Great Looking,” What Girls Can in the Vehicle,” The Way To Prevent Talking About People You Don’t Need To TalkAbout” Things Men Lie Around,” Drunk Makeup Tutorial,” How Women Become Dressed,”“The Best Way To Prepare For A Date,” and”White Girls In The Club.”


 Jenna Marbles went from the typical young girl looking for her way after school to an online sensation.

 She tried many different items to sustain herself but it was only when she’d taken a chance on her fantasy she managed to find true achievement.

 Her airplane ticket to Los Angeles and guts to begin her YouTube station changed her lifestyle in a sense that she’d have never envisioned.

 Now, Jenna is noted among the social networking leaders, particularly YouTube, for putting the gold standard for YouTubers and aspiring electronic entertainers across the world.

Favorite Quotes from Jenna Marbles

“When you had been born very ugly as I had been, don’t have any fear.  There is hope.   Kinda.”

“Well, my life is certainly out there.  But occasionally I like to believe it’d be fine if I simply had a personality and also my private life could be my private life.”

Strategies for success in Jenna Marbles

 “To be able to end up, you’ll need to experience many trials and tribulations, such as feeling isolated and left out.  You are going to need to be different since you understand who you’re.”

 “If you are feeling lonely or sad and do not understand what you are doing, simply envision a cool, amazing potential version of yourself and feel you’ll get there.”

Read on and we’ll inform you about YouTube characters such as Liza Koshy, Pewdiepie, Alex Choi.  And about others.

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