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Simple Author Box Review: A tool every content-rich site needs

The author bio box is a popular but frequently ignored element on many WordPress websites. The author box, which is usually located at the conclusion of a blog article, increase the likability and, as a result, the credibility and validity of your website.

Your readers may discover more about you or your writers at a glance. Furthermore, by providing links to your social media profiles in the author box, you may increase your social media impact and demonstrate social proof. And these are only two examples.

In other words, much like the comment box, the author bio box is an excellent approach to engage. Then, it is not clear why do people neglect the author box, although there are many WordPress author box plugins to help make it easy.

In this article, we will cover one of the best plugins out there for creating an author box – Simple Author Box.

Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box is a comprehensive author box plugin that allows you to create personalized author boxes for your site, credit numerous authors, and do various other things. It is now the most popular and widely used WordPress author box plugin. It now has 20,000 active installations and is continually updated and enhanced.

Simple Author Box is a fantastic WordPress Plugin that allows you to add an author section at the conclusion of the article. Websites are made out of excellent material produced by someone; you must thank that individual for their efforts. Introduce the author of the relevant information and provide a summary.

You may use Simple Author Box to build an exciting bio for writers that includes their name, avatar, and description and post it on the appropriate page of the site.

What are some of the most prominent features of Simple Author Box?

Multiple Authors — Assign multiple authors to post to credit multiple writers and editors.

Guest Authors – Assign guest authors to posts; authors who do not offer enough content for a user account.

Custom Post Type Support – Choose which post types should have author boxes.

Gutenberg Block — Use the plugin’s built-in Gutenberg block to add and change author boxes in WordPress posts and pages.

Link Control – Force links in author boxes to open new tabs and tag them with nofollow.

Style Options – Change the fonts, colors, margins, and padding. You may even choose from established color palettes.

Support for Social Media — Allow authors to add links to over 45 different social media networks and display them with icons.

Widgets — You may highlight your blog’s most respected contributors using widgets.


If you maintain a blog, you should pay attention to its style and how you showcase your content and writers. It will not only allow your readers to learn more about a specific author or read more of their work, but it will also make your articles more attractive and professional.

Simple Author Box is one of the most excellent WordPress author box plugins presently available. Some of the features of Simple Author Box include the ability to insert author boxes manually, the ability to turn on/off the author’s email, the ability to turn on/off social media buttons, the ability to choose the box’s position, the ability to change the appearance, the color palette, the typography, the ability to assign guest authors and co-authors, and free support updates.

Our recommendation is to give it a try and see its amazingness for yourself.

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