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What you must know when choosing an internet service provider


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There is an increase in aggressive advertising for cable and fiber –optic broadband in almost every marketing channel and advertisement channel you can look at. Some have complicated combination packages that include phones, internet, and broadband, making choosing an internet service provider (ISP) a challenge. Before you take a plunge, here is what you need to know from an internet service Allentown provider to see what you will be getting for your home and business use.

Type of broadband

The type of broadband that a service provider will have will depend on the technology the provider will offer in your area. There are three types of broadband service you can choose from

Digital subscriber lines (DSL): This type can transmit data through cell phone lines without affecting telephone service. Phone companies usually offer this service.

Cable modems: under this service, you can access the internet through cable lines without interfering with your cable television service. The same companies that offer cable TV services within your area will provide you these services.

Fiber-optic broadband: this is a faster type of broadband service compared to the others. It is provided by companies providing fiber-optic lines, and they can deliver phone and television services to you. It is not available everywhere, so you need to find out fast if it’s available in your area.

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What speeds to expect

The internet speed will depend on various factors such as the level or tier of service you want to purchase, the type of service you are using, and how your network will be congested at any given time. Most providers offer a different kind of speed to choose from, either in Kilobits or megabits. Upload speed will tell you how fast you can transfer data. It would be best if you test first the downloading speed and have it resolved by your provider if it doesn’t match the advertised speed.

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