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Tips to Prepare for the Yoga Teacher Training

In this fast-paced life, yoga is an effective way to stay healthy as well as relaxed. Yoga teacher training offers numerous benefits such as improves flexibility, builds muscle strength, protects the spine, drops blood pressure, etc. Along with these, it works well on mental health like release tension; maintain the nervous system, gives inner strength as well as peace of mind. Individuals with busy schedules can opt for yoga classes online. This would help them learn about yoga at their own time, space as well as comfort. 

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Ways to Prepare for Yoga Teacher Training

If you have a habit of practicing yoga and wish to learn more than a regular yoga routine, opting for a yoga teacher training course is a great idea. This would deepen the understanding of yoga as well as help to correct the bad yoga habits. Yoga teacher training courses are available in a variety of forms. Some of the courses are of 100 hours, 200 hours, and 300 hours as well. Some programs are at the yoga teacher training retreats while some take place in the faraway locations.

The important factor that matters are the duration of the training as well as preparation. If you are planning to enroll in a yoga teacher training course, it is essential to prepare yourself. Preparation is as important as attending the training course itself. This would promote participation as help you get a life-changing experience. Here are things that you can do to best prepare for the training course

  • Familiarize Yourself with Yoga Poses 

To take the yoga teacher training, you need not be an experienced yoga practitioner. Familiarizing yourself with some poses such as downward dog, plank, warrior, mountain pose, etc. would be great. Knowing about these poses before training would make you feel comfortable while doing them during training. Most classes would warm up with the sun salutation.

  • Create as well as Maintain Daily Practice

Consistent daily practice is a great way to prepare yourself for the training. The training would be more effective for trainees who start doing the practice even before the actual training has begun. While training can vary in the term of the activities as well as lengths, ensure the daily practice must include some breathing exercise (pranayama), mindful movements (asana) and meditation as well. 

  • Complete the Course Preparation Work

Ensure you check your email regularly to know about the instructions from the training administrators. In case you do not get any preparation work, ensure you inquire and check if you haven’t missed any notification.

  • Take time for Self-Reflection as well as Journaling

Consider why you are enrolling in this teacher training course and what you hope to get. You might wish to strengthen your self-practice, teach yoga to others, or do something for yourself. There are several reasons why you might consider this teacher training course. It is advised to set an intention for yourself as well as for overall training. 

  • What would you like to feel after the completion of this training?
  • What kind of skill do you hope to develop?
  • How could you bring the best self into this training course?

Practicing the self-reflection as well as journaling the thoughts would prepare you well for the training. Moreover, it helps to employ the tools for deeper practice in the future.  

  • Eliminate the Distractions

Ensure your take as many personal and work obligations off the plate as possible. Do not hesitate to ask the support team for help in handling the things that come ups when you are in training. Making a system in a place that would oversee the different roles while you are in the learning process would offer peace of mind. 

  • Don’t be afraid to be Weak

Most of the people have the habit of hiding emotions, blocking them, or not engaging with anything that has caused pain. During the yoga teacher training, you would likely feel a lot of different emotions, frustration, hate, happiness, love, sadness, and many other feelings would arise. You would not even know where they have come from. Ensure you enjoy the process and allow the emotions to flow, accept those emotions, and let them go. As a person as well as a teacher, it is important for your well-being. 

  • Eat, Drink and Sleep Well

Weeks before training, try to eat healthy food as well as drink lots of water. The training time would be crucial for you and the body. A plant-based, the nutritious diet would energize your body with vitality and resilience to the symptoms such as illness and disease. Along with the diet, ensure your bow of the late-night social obligations and try to go to bed early.

Sound sleep is much important as it gives an opportunity to the body as well as mind to integrate, heal, and repair. Setting up a healthy sleep schedule weeks or days before the training course would make you feel well-rested prepare for optimal learning as well. 

  • Familiarize About Essential Props

Before training, ensure you know about the essential props that might include blocks, belt, bolster, and blanket. The props help the students to practice the asanas efficiently, effectively, and at ease. 

  • Read the Reviews

Reading the reviews is a great way to know much more about the training course. You can spare some time by reading the reviews or watching videos of the personal experiences of students who enrolled in the yoga teacher training course. This could be inspiring to see where the students started and comparing to where they are right now? You would likely be able to get useful insights from what you need to pack tips to anticipate what to expect from the training. 

Along with these, be prepared to be transformed. You might sign up for this training course expecting to learn the poses or how to teach. However, you would realize that the best learning would come at the time, reflecting on how to become a better version. Either this ends up being a physical or an emotional change, the teacher training course would support you to look deeper and grow

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