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Where to stream home improvement

Home Improvement is one of those shows that you either love or hate. But if you’re looking for a way to stream the show in its entirety, there are plenty of options. Here are four ways to stream Home Improvement on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV.

Apple TV

If you’re looking to stream Home Improvement on your Apple TV, the easiest way is through Airplay. This will allow you to cast your content from a Mac or iOS device and watch it on the big screen. Streaming videos from other apps and iCloud Photos or iTunes Radio is also possible. However, you’ll need an Apple TV 4K ($249) to access these features.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service that includes many TV shows and movies. You can stream Home Improvement on Amazon Prime Video. You must have an Amazon Prime subscription (free) to watch it.


Disney+ is a streaming service that costs $6.99 per month (or $7.99 for the family plan). It has a lot of great content, including Home Improvement and The Golden Girls. You can find Home Improvement on Disney+ if you want to watch it!


Netflix is a great place to stream home improvement shows. They’ve got everything from the entire series of Avant Gardener to the latest season of Fixer Upper and practically every other show you can think of.

But what if you’re looking for something more specific? Are there any hidden gems worth searching out? Well, sure! Here are some suggestions:

  • HGTV’s Flip or Flop has taken over all my weekends lately! It’s so good! My favourite part is watching Tarek and Christina work through renovations on their own house (and then also seeing them remodel other people’s houses). If you were looking at this list when it was published and haven’t seen it yet—watch it now! You’ll be glad you did once you do.
  • If your taste runs towards DIY projects (and who doesn’t?), try Pinterest for Home Improvement Ideas That Will Inspire You & Save Money.


YouTube is the most popular streaming service and is a great place to watch Home Improvement. You can watch all your favourite shows on YouTube TV or YouTube Premium, but if you want more than Home Improvement alone, there are plenty of other options.

YouTube Premium is a bit more expensive than the standard version of YouTube. Still, it offers access to even more content like original shows and movies—and sometimes even live TV coverage!

You can find Home Improvement on just about any streaming platform.

To find Home Improvement on streaming platforms, you can use the following search terms:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video (Amazon is not available in many countries)

You may also be able to stream it on YouTube. But if you’re looking for a comprehensive list of popular streaming services and what they offer, check out this article.


You can find Home Improvement on just about any streaming platform. If you’re looking for a way to stream this show, check out our list above and get started!

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