Who owns an 18-million-dollar watch?

I’m not sure if you have heard of the 18-million-dollar watch, but it is one of the most expensive in history. Audemars Piguet made this watch, and it has 874 diamonds on it. This makes this watch worth 18 million dollars!

The 18K gold watch has a total of 874 diamonds.

The 18K gold watch has a total of 874 diamonds.

The watch, commissioned by the late George Sanders, is now owned by his daughter Myra. She’sShe’s kept it in her possession for over 50 years and has given it to her son, who she named after him.

The name of the watch is the Millenary Lady Diamond Secret.

The name of the watch is the Millenary Lady Diamond Secret.

The company that made it is Daniel Roth, who founded his company in 1885 and has been manufacturing luxury jewellery ever since.

An 18-million-dollar watch has 874 diamonds attached to it.

The watch is made by Audemars Piguet, a well-known luxury brand. The Millenary Lady Diamond Secret features 874 diamonds adorning its case and bracelet. Each diamond is set in 18 locations on the watch, making it one of the most expensive timepieces in history.

Legendary watchmaker Harry Winston designed this 18-million-dollar timepiece in 1971. He also created other famous pieces such as Cartier’sCartier’s Pink Gold Tank and Cartier’sCartier’s Presidential Blue Sapphire Datejust II.

  1. J. Jacob

The watch was made by a company called Co. J. Jacob, based in Switzerland and had been making watches since 1849. The look has been on display at the British Museum since 1999, and it’s the only known example of such a watch in private hands.

The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, told CNNMoney that he bought the watch at auction for about $18 million in 2000 from an anonymous Swiss collector and then donated it to the museum less than two years later. He said he wanted his money’s money’s worth from his investment in this rare timepiece and wanted it to be seen by as many people as possible.


The watch was built by a Swiss watchmaker and sold for an undisclosed amount. The buyer is thought to be an Asian billionaire who has a penchant for rare and expensive watches.

The watch was commissioned in 2016 by the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont, which owns brands including Cartier and Longines. It is made of 18-carat gold and features a dial made from sapphire crystal, diamonds and rubies.

The watch features some of the world’s most expensive materials — including diamonds — used to create its face. It also has a mechanical movement with a tourbillon and two barrels which can hold four differentials that help keep time even at high speed.


As you can see, the 18-million-dollar watch is an incredible piece of art, and it’s not just for show. It’sIt’s a way for those with the money to show off their wealth and status. If you want something similar, there are many other options out there that range from cheap watches to ones that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each (and beyond)

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