Top 5 Video Game Characters Voiced by Matthew Mercer

For lovers of the geek world, Matthew Mercer is already a familiar face, an actor and cosplayer who has voiced characters from anime, video games, movies, and even some advertising, but who is also a presenter in several web series related to pop culture. 

If you have no idea who it is, you probably still know his voice, one of the most popular in recent years in the gaming industry. Do you accompany us to know the best roles of Matthew Mercer?


5. Luke Skywalker from Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront is another case of a very good game that ends up ruined by bad business decisions and a great press campaign. By the time EA wanted to correct their mistakes, it was too late, but we can’t deny that underneath all that layer of micro-payments was a very fun and visually stunning game. 

Beyond this, Star Wars Battlefront 2 was also important to Matthew Mercer, playing the most representative character in the game.

Mark Hamill, also known today as a voice actor, has been Luke Skywalker in the movies, but contractual issues make the Luke in this game have another voice. Different, although with an equally credible and epic tone, Matthew Mercer has managed to face a role where he had more to lose than to win. The seriousness and naturalness of this Luke make him a credible Jedi within his story, and one of the high points in terms of characters.

4. Robert MacCready from Fallout 4

MacCready is one of the characters that go from Fallout 3 to Fallout 4, and one of the companions available throughout our adventure. Sure, with other companions like Paladin Danse, Nick Valentine, or Piper herself, it is difficult to end up choosing this mercenary, but once we take him to different missions we discover the depth of this good character.

MacCready belonged to the Gunners, a group of social rebels who, although they have certain internal rules, behave outside the laws and tend to let their guns speak first. With a stormy past and an unsolved history with his late wife Lucy, Matthew Mercer did not have it easy to convey the pain in this man’s voice.

 However, it is precisely how he shoots each sentence that makes MacCready unique, thanks to the talent of the actor.

Unfortunately, and although Fallout 4 is a great game in itself, this is one of the cases where several great performances were ruined by the lack of expressiveness of the models of each character.

3. Jack Cooper from Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is another great game, full of adrenaline, shots, and more shots. Although many of us enjoy its multiplayer mode, Jack Cooper is the protagonist and only playable character in campaign mode, a pilot capable of the greatest feats aboard his intelligent BT-7274 exoskeleton. As in other similar games, all the weight of the story falls on its protagonist and his dialogues, which must be attractive enough to integrate us into the story without deviating from the action.

Anyone who knows the works of Matthew Mercer knows that he has never been characterized by modifications in his voice, but by different intonations and his ability to perfectly interpret each phrase according to the necessary emotion; This is precisely what happens with Jack Cooper, a character who sounds epic every time we have him as a narrator.

Okay, surely BT is the one who ends up as the best character in the game and he is the one we usually listen to during the game, but that does not detract from what Cooper did or the synergy between the two. If we ask for his opinion, BT and Jack are sure to give their thumbs up to judge Matthew’s performance.

2. Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 6

In the second position, we have a case similar to Luke Skywalker, speaking of a tremendously famous character but who previously had the voice of another actor. Is that, during Resident Evil 2, the voice that we met Leon Scott Kennedy was Paul Haddad; then the sequels were in charge of Paul Mercier and Christian Lanz in an opportunity, to finally fall back on Matthew Mercer from Resident Evil 6, which includes the last film in the saga, Resident Evil: Vendetta.

The handsome ex- Raccoon City cop is now one of the best members of the Division of Security Operations, one of the most important entities in the United States.

 Mercer has made both Leon’s tone and cadences his own in speaking, and in fact, the passage from Paul Mercier to him is almost imperceptible – or from RE4 to RE6, to name classic examples. Matthew Mercer gives him that touch of “macho casanova” and carefree that we like so much in him, leaving his peace and control of the situation for moments of action.

1. Jesse McCree from Overwatch

When the Blizzard company seemed to have its biggest project in Warcraft, they shook the board with a whole new universe of characters, mixing that essence of Sand Shooter with the characteristic humor. Overwatch, that game that continues to cause a sensation among fans today, presents us with a large cast of men, women, and robots who duel with their powerful weapons, in a competitive environment but that at the same time encourages work in a team.

Among the favorite heroes of the public, and those that we could even classify as “pets” of the game, without a doubt Jesse McCree has a guaranteed place. This is a gunman who, finally caught by Blackwatch, decides to go over to the side of the good guys to avoid rotting in prison. That accent that he drags is a trademark, and each of McCree’s phrases ends up resonating with allies and enemies.

For those who do not know it and those who live under a stone, this man is one of those who forged a meme simply thanks to his interpretation and participation in the game. As they say, It’s high noon… somewhere in the world.

Final words

Matthew Mercer, as we said, is not that he stands out for his different voices; If you close your eyes, each character of his will likely end up recognizing him and they will even sound similar, but this actor also marks the abysmal difference between reading a script and interpreting it. Most of the matt mercer net worth is earn through his voice work.

With these 5 characters, he has earned a place in the industry as one of the most popular and famous, but he has also given voice to the English dubbing of several Japanese games, for example as Chrom in Fire Emblem: Awakening or Yusuke Kitagawa in Persona 5. Did you already know about his participation in these games?

This has been it for today and Honey’s Anime is already saying goodbye, returning soon with more content on manga, video games, and anime. Until another!

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