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A Review on Cryptme- Why This Exchange Platform Flying High In 2021

Over time, exchangers from all around the world have known the importance of Digital currencies and how they have evolved over the years. At first, it was only Bitcoin that came into one’s mind when talking about digital currencies but now many types of cryptocurrencies have been introduced. A lot of people prefer to invest in them also. In today’s age and date, Bitcoin remains at the top of the list with a limited measure of 21 million. Crypto has everything that is required to be your partner in all your upcoming ventures.

But before proceeding, if you’re thinking about whether you can trust and rely on any of the options without going through the pros and cons of this one by one, then I think that’s completely appropriate. You can never trust someone with your money and assets. I’m saying this from my experience when I was in the same state a couple of years ago. However, things drastically changed for me when I stumbled upon ‘Cryptme’ that I, at first, was equally skeptical about. The reason being that having been in the field, I had heard numerous scams that people went through in a similar situation.


To investigate and interrogate about the platform, I planned a meet-up with my friends and colleagues, and to my utter surprise, each one of them suggested Cryptme and praised it being a highly reputable and well-known platform. After hearing their feedback, I decided to give it a try and therefore, signed up for it.

An Overview of the Exchange Platform

Upon joining it, I was not very good at using such websites but that wasn’t the case with Cryptme. Its layout made it immensely easy to understand and was perfect for people who had little knowledge on the operationalization of websites like these. Comparing Cryptme with other websites, I’d personally rate it better keeping in mind that no website is completely free of faults. I’ll give a detailed review of the reasons behind why I went ahead with Cryptme.

Your first interaction with the website that you haven’t visited ever before is when you click it to make your account or have a close view of its offers. When I first opened Cryptme, I was highly impressed with the visuals and how the theme was all about light colors. Everything was on point; be it the graphics, the font styles, etc. Section headings were put in their most appropriate places and were engaging.

When I saw the main page, there were several options given at the top bar. They are:

  • Home
  • Blog
  • FAQ
  • Contact us
  • Protection against frauds and scams
  • About us

The log-in option can be seen right next to these and if you’re new, it helps you in the opening of your account.

The clear-cut provision of these options has proved very helpful for me and in the next few paragraphs, I will explain how they are extremely useful.


Home Page

Having researched extensively, I have never come across a webpage that is so well-designed. Be it the color combinations, the graphics, the flashing figures; everything is just perfect. The statistics like market price, Bitcoin Transaction Volume, and the transactions done per day are also shown as you scroll down the screen. By scrolling further, I got the information regarding the top movers and this is given through the figures and the charts.

A quick guide is given on the home page that helped in starting with the exchange. It was very simple for me to make an account, verify the account, and then pick the payment method that I found most suitable. Having done this, I was good to go with my very first exchange alongside Cryptme.

There’s absolutely nothing to be worried about if you’re a beginner. A tutorial is provided which can be accessed after you click on the ‘okay’ button which will give you a summary of the procedure in the shortest amount of time.


The Different Types of Account

With a total of 3 accounts that are being offered by Cryptme, the first one is 0-2000. The second one is 2001-10000 while the last one is 10001-50000. Basic documents need to be submitted for all of these accounts which include IS, utility bills, selfie pictures. The new users must get their phone numbers and email ids verified.


In the blog section, the most recent articles related to the crypto world like trends, rates, news about it, fluctuations, etc are provided. This section cannot get any more engaging with the graphics being perfect which makes the reader stick and focus for larger periods. While the blog is really a great way to know the latest cryptocurrency news, I do think that the platform should add in a video presentation as well. It would be very engaging and effective in case of grasping the news.


Top Priority: Security

Security tends to be the most important factor when I pick an exchange platform. I don’t want my money to go to waste and the cases regarding the security breaches and money losses have been in the news since the introduction of these platforms in the markets. But I have never come across something of this sort regarding Cryptme.

Cryptme serves to be a highly professional exchange company that is well-known for the level of security that it has provided me. They have their policies like Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laid out that helps the company to know their clients better and based on trust, develop a relationship with them.

Such detailed levels of verification are what I always run away from, but I know their importance in securing my money and assets. The 2 Factor Authentication makes sure that nobody can reach my account with an ill will. To increase the level of security, the Secure Socket Layer or SSL encryption is given. What it does is that it codes the information of a client in such a way that programmers can never have access to it.

Because of this, I never had to worry about my information being leaked since the data is erased itself after some time. This not only helps in protecting my data but also helps in improving the efficiency of the servers.

Customer Support

The firm can’t make its place in the hearts of its clients without a good customer care department. This very department ensures the competence of the platform and helps in building a positive reputation in the market. What makes a firm stand out is how they deal with the complaints and issues of its clients and how available they are to all of them. In this case, I don’t think that any firm can beat Cryptme, and this becomes the reason behind me feeling so at peace with this platform.

This firm is client-oriented and does everything by keeping its clients in mind. A proof is that their representatives have to take a special course and lessons that help them fully get hold of how they will have to interact and communicate with the customers. Several options are provided by the customer care team to help the clients reach them. For example, live chat, email, and phone numbers are how the clients can contact them.

The phone option is only available for Australia, but I think they could increase that section of phone numbers to provide it for other countries as well. I believe that this is one factor that needs to be worked on by the company. What was highly impressive for me was the timings of the customer support. All the users are well taken care of which can be shown by how representatives are present the entire day no matter what the time is.

I have especially made use of the Live Chat and the email option. Both those alternatives never let me down.

Ways to Register.


I’m sure you must be thinking of the ways you could register with the platform due to the sheer reason of it being so good. I’ll explain the process to you. The process is very simple. First, visit the home page and on the top bar, search for the register tab. Once I clicked it, it redirected me to a form that needs to be filled. I filled in all the essential information without the fear of anything because trust me, Cryptme is the safest platform for you out there.

After filling in the details, all I had to do was submit the form, and boom, I was done!! My account was made and ready to use. What needs to be kept in mind is that you must be very careful with the exchange transactions and this is why you have to provide the website with extra detail.

Contradictory Remarks

I still haven’t been able to add all the details regarding Cryptme, but I believe that the moment you are done with the procedure and start with the platform, you’ll realize for sure how much of a blessing it is. I can never think of doing an exchange without Cryptme because of the impeccable services it provides its clients with. I do agree that improvement is needed on certain areas of the platform but still, Cryptme is what I refer to as the best platform and I hope that same is the case for you.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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