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Why I Choose to Exchange With KeepABit? – 2021 Review

For the past few years, crypto has managed to be in a position where it is highly talked about and this had led to the origins of various exchange platforms in the market. What these platforms do is that allow you to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies and vice versa. One such platform is KeepABit which I find to be both reliable and well-reputed all across the globe. Since its creation a few years ago, it has been dedicated to providing clients with top-notch money asset management services.

The platform is owned and operated by Monolith Markets Limited, a company registered under registry code 120069, an Estonian private limited company registered under registry code 14485113, providing virtual currency license no ACN 640 555 764.


Considering all these years of association with KeepABit, there isn’t a single instance where their services have not impressed me. A friend of mine had introduced me to the platform initially and talked of it as a very trustable platform. Right there and then, I tried my luck at it and signed up for it. I must say that it was the best decision that I possibly could have taken then. I have been able to learn so much from the platform over the past few years and this is the exact reason why I feel like writing a review about it for any newbie is so important. As far as my experience is concerned at KeepABit, it has been going exceptionally well.

I aim at including a brief overview of all the features of a platform that you should keep in mind before starting any associations with them. KeepABit will be discussed in detail; its level of security, fee, the process of registration, and every essential detail will be looked upon.

The daily life choices that you make on a daily basis revolve around whether it’s the appropriate choice for you. What are the factors that make it the right pick for you? If you’ve been searching for the answers to questions of this sort, then you are at the right place and in the right hands. I will be discussing the features that are essential for a great exchange platform that will surely help you in choosing one.

What is this platform?

The majority of the people who use web-based exchange platforms do not have any prior experiences since they have not been associated with any online businesses. If they are not tech-savvy, then that makes perfect sense, right? Keeping this in mind, KeepABit’s interface is very user-friendly and easy to use. All the required functions are just a click away even if you only know the basic computer functions.

Excellent visuals and theme make the platform truly stand out. Its white backdrop and eye-catching graphics are beyond amazing. However, this might not be the case with every user. Like for instance, one of my colleagues found the theme to be a bit childish. For this, the company can work out something by offering the customers to customize their theme.

Programmed tools and highlights are available for the customers to utilize. Their placement is also amazing. This platform has proved very helpful for me since the time that I got associated with it. Upon using them personally, you’ll know how perfect everything is. Everything is executed in the best way possible, and I can’t remember a single instance when I was unsatisfied with the website and complaining about the orders. Never! This platform serves all of the exchangers, beginners, or experts, in the best way possible.

Level of Security for your Funds

Security should always remain the most important factor while deciding upon a platform of this sort. I never wanted myself to be included in a situation wheremy money would be at stake upon the occurrence of security breaches. I researched a lot about KeepABit in this regard and I never heard any such instance of the platform indulging in a security breach. Instead, they fully utilize the foolproof security highlights like SSL encoded servers and also the 2-Factor authentication that is required before you log in to your account and carry out exchanges.

One truly commendable feature of the platform is the ‘cold and hot wallet storage’ for the clients. Identification proof data needs to be presented by the users while exchanging which acts as an added security step. These need to be undergone by all sorts of clients to utilize the services. Such a detailed security procedure might wear you out, but I never get enough of them especially when I know that these are for my betterment.

Some Amazing Features of the Platform

Some of the features are the reason behind this platform being truly loved by people all across the world. For instance, the platform keeps 97% of the money of the client in the ‘cold wallets’ which basically are offline wallets that are less likely to be breached. The company ensures the protection of your money as well as your personal information. For this, they have in store for all its clients’ military-grade encryption.

To make sure that no information is leaked when the client and representatives of the country communicate, the platform ensures that it is encoded with HTTPS. They perfectly put out a very comprehensive policy known as the Anti Money Laundering policy which is very easily understood by all clients. I suggest everyone have a look at the KYC which is the abbreviation of the Know Your Client Policy to be able to trust the company fully and completely.

The level of security provided by the platform is truly impressive. It keeps a check on activities per second to ensure maximum security of the client’s assets. Upon inquiring about this in detail, I got know to know that this was done due to the robust order motor working behind it. TactivePvt Ltd. deserves a special mention here for carrying this out in the best way possible.

Another feature that is worth mentioning here is the purpose-built guideline and the availability of reviews by TrustPilot. Apart from these features, there are a lot more things about the platform that I think can be used once you go through them yourself and by using them.

The Cost

What more could you want if all of these amazing services were offered at considerably low rates? This is exactly what KeepABit offers its clients; a platform that is all about being light on the pockets of its clients as compared to other platforms that are unnecessarily expensive. I got to know for myself how reasonable the charges per exchange are. Free of costs deposits and withdrawals are also guaranteed.

One thing I’m quite certain of is that by now, many of you might be considering getting yourself registered at KeepABit. I’ll explain the process. Firstly, I clicked on the link to reach the main page. Press the ‘Get Started’ button on the top right corner of the page and start with the process. Entered my email which linked it to the email account that I use. Filled in all the asked data i.e.,my email, phone number, and secure it with a strong password. This will keep all my credentials safe at KeepABit.

As for the legal part, I suggest that you have an in-depth look at the terms and conditions of the platform. On doing that, I pressed Sign-up and I shortly received a code on the email that I provided.

Deposit the funds that you deem suitable in AUD, USD, or EUR and you can begin exchanging! 

Pros and Cons

I will list the pros and cons of the platform for you to have a quick look at them.

  • KYC policy that aims at securing your assets more efficiently.
  • Deposit and withdrawal can be done through Fiat Cash and Cryptocurrency.
  • The most cooperative help center that comes with day-in and day-out customer support.
  • User-friendly website.
  • A wide variety of exchange platforms to ensure a maximum experience for the customers.
  • The recent market news is shown regularly.
  • Availability of professional tool and highlights for every user

These are only some of the pros of the platform. However, every platform has room for improvement which means that some of the features of the platform still need to be worked on. So is the case with KeepABit. Its cons are as follows:

  • Time-consuming security layers that some users find completely unneeded.
  • No universal number to be contacted at
  • Incompatible with mobile, for both IOS and Android
  • No feature to customize the theme
  • Only German and English dialects are available

Last Remarks

KeepABit is the best platform for me. The prime reason behind this is that the security of my assets is guaranteed and apart from that, a lot of benefits and comfort are also awarded. The platform is both easy to use and efficient in its services which are all I look for in a particular platform.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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