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What to consider before you choose the best hookah to buy?

While buying a hookah you must take into consideration everything to make the right choice. For a new hookah smoker, it might be not clear how to select the best hookah to buy. 

Some of the major things you should know about hookah is about the origin of hookah, the materials used in making hookah, its height along with various hose options and the price. Let’s discuss what you should look for while inspecting a hookah in person. All the factors combine. lt would assist you in making the most relevant decision while making your purchase.

Hookah origin

The modern hookahs are mainly manufactured in China by those companies that are based in the United States and some other places. The old and traditional hookah came from Egypt, Turkey, Syria and many other countries present in the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

The modern hookahs are mainly manufactured on assembly lines with all recent manufacturing techniques while most of the traditional hookahs are made with hand. If you want to know how to distinguish a modern hookah from a traditional hookah, then you must know that it is quite easy.

Most of the distinguishable factors include the styling, construction as well as performance. All modern hookahs are made with lightweight material and without any visible lines. They are primarily made from threaded components that are screwed combined and can be easily unscrewed for getting fitted to any carrying cases. Most of the high end latest hookahs possess a good finish work than that of the traditional hookahs, as they add chromium to the final stage.

Many traditional hookahs are big and made with heavy materials. They are all made from a combination of different metals like the stainless steel along with copper and brass. On the other hand, the modern-day hookahs make use of stainless steel and may sometimes mix other metals while finishing.

The reason behind using brass in traditional hookahs is the brazing process where the brass mixes with the steel. The process of brazing gives good strength to the weld points and the weld points are very much visible in the traditional hookahs.

Now let us have a more descriptive look at both modern and traditional hookahs


Modern hookahs

The modern or recent day’s hookahs posses improved designs with enhanced check valve systems on varied hose models. These valves are designed with all ball bearings. Because of this, the multiple hose hookah can be smoked without the requirement of plugging every hose. It includes a range of products like animal hookahs and hookahs that posses some ceramic sculptures on them, along with hookahs with inlaid cloisonnĂ© designs and some plain models made from stainless steel.

Traditional hookah

As the name directs traditional hookahs gives a very traditional look. The line present on them only suggests that they have a hundred years of history. They differ a lot from region to region and the designs and the patterns are dependent on the region. These hookahs make use of one central tube that runs on the entire length of the stem.

  • The materials used in Hookah: When you go for the best hookah to buy, it is mostly recommended that the solid brass pipes are the best hookahs. They are heavy, strong and they last for a long period. Even if they get oxidized, they will never suffer corrosion. But the only problem that exists with the brass pipe is they need polishing regularly to maintain their shine. Some other recommendations are hookahs made from a combination of both stainless steel and copper.

But issues arise when bad quality stainless steel is used. When the manufacturer uses bad quality stainless steel, it electroplates the outer part with nickel. But the inside part remains highly vulnerable to rusting as well as corrosion. Most of the manufacturers use this method and modern-day hookah manufacturers are very used to this method as they electroplate both the interior as well as the exterior of the hookah. So, even if you get a good hookah coupon never forget to check the materials used in the hookah.

  • Height of the hookah: Selecting the perfect height of the hookah is one of the important things. Most of the experienced hookah users choose between 28inches and 32 inches. This is the best height that gives the best performance along with easy using. But those who are going for camping prefer a small hookah. It all depends on the place that decides the height of the hookah. Heights also have a strong role in hookah performance. Those hookahs with large vases and stem will certainly hold more smoke as well as make more smoke while inhaling. But this doesn’t imply that small height hookahs will not offer a better smoking experience. There are so many small height hookahs that give a better performance.
  • Hose options: You might be thinking that when there are multiple hoses, you will get amazing experience but in fact, the more the number of hoses, the more the performance goes down and the more cumbersome it is to smoke. The reason that they are unmanageable is that every person who has the hose in their hand has to plug the tip in the time they are not smoking. When a hose tip is not plugged, the person who is smoking might not get the required suction to pull the smoke.

But on the positive side a two, three or even a four hose hookah is certainly exciting when there are large entertaining groups in a party.

  • The price of the hookah: As per the old saying “you get what you pay for” is also true for the hookah industry. Although the traditional hookahs look very pricey, most of the time they fall short of expectations and it is due to the all visible lines, as well as the imperfect finishing, works in it. Modern-day branded hookahs are more in price than that of no-brand hookahs because of the name recognition.  But if you want to buy it at less price, there is an option of hookah coupon. By using it, you can get some good discounts.

So, these are a few things you must take into consideration while you go to a hookah shop for best hookah to buy. Furthermore, it is also important to check the hookah before you make the final purchase.

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