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Bitteks Review 2021- Can This be Your Next Go-To Broker?

Bitteks Review 2021: As the pandemic has brought a change in many people’s lives, for better or worse. I have been a prey of the same situation. During this time, I had lost my job due to Covid-19, which came as a shock. I was the type of hardworking person that enjoyed working in general. My friend, who was also in the same situation, suggested getting into trading.

At first, I thought it could be risky as I was aware of many stories about people getting scammed by specific trading platforms. But I was convinced that I would gradually get used to it once I got into it and eventually find the broker that I am most contented with. This is true. I had my fair share of practice with platforms that were a delight but lacked basic features, along with platforms that I instantly got scammed by. Either of these experiences was not very much enjoyed. But in the long run, I had come across a broker that became my go-to and the one where I felt the most relaxed while using.

I was suggested Bitteks by the same friend that got me into trading. I was glad to have gained some experience beforehand because it gave me the perfect opportunity to judge this platform. I evaluated whether this broker is suitable for young traders and traders in this industry for quite some time. So here is my deliberate familiarity with this particular trading platform that will hopefully help you gain some perspective.

First Impression:

Something that happened to catch my eye straight away was the dark theme. I prefer a lighter theme that gives off a better effect and is accessible to the eye. Other things that caught my eye were the live bar and the clipart’s used that brought the main page to life and gave it a livelier look. Overall, I liked how all of the requisite material was organized in both an open and easy-to-finding way.


The layout was fresh and presented in a pleasing way to the eye. The vital contents were laid out in an organized means to make it informal to the clientele. The live chat is available in the bottom right corner of the screen, and the date and time are mentioned in the top right corner of the screen. The security information is also stated at the end of the main page, quite accommodating. I did note that the only language available is English is disconcerting for an international clientele. It would be best if more languages are to be availed for the traders as it can provide better results.

Besides all this, different sections contain all the essential information in a systematized way. Each category includes all of the information that a beginner or even a seasoned trader might need. The graphics and the little summaries with instructing data were also a nice touch. Generally, I found the layout to be accessible as well as informative.

All the knowledgeable material is provided, such as the Education Center. It further comprises eBooks, Glossary, Asset Index, and FAQs that are accommodating, especially for the young traders that have recently gotten into trading. Furthermore, Account Types is another section containing all the information about the platform’s offerings regarding the various accounts and their contributions.

Education Center:

The education center covers the following aspects:

  • eBooks:

There are a total of 12 eBooks presented, along with a brief overview of what that particular eBook has to offer. They cover all the vast information that may come to mind. What satisfied my liking to this specific platform is that it educated me more about trading which I found agreeable.

  • Glossary:

The glossary is a great place to learn all the terms used in the trading industry. In addition, all the terminology used is defined, making it easier for all the beginners to gain knowledge about trading faster.

  • Asset Index:

All of the assets are listed in the section of the asset index, which I find to be very convenient and less time-consuming to find a particular asset that I’m looking for. In addition, after each asset, there is an expiry rule, and trading hours are mentioned.

  • FAQs:

The most frequent questions that may pop up in any trader’s mind are enlisted with an informative answer required to explain the problem that one might be facing. Thus, this is another place where I find educating myself.

Bitteks Review 2021

Account types:

Four account types can be subscribed to the traders’ preferences and choices. I had started by using the Gold account type. It offers up to 200 Tradable Assets, Market Review, Dedicated Senior Account Manager, Bonus Funds, Lucrative Spreads (gold spreads), Significant Leverages Up To 200, Tier 3 Room Analysis, Financial & Risk Management Planning, and much more.

After enjoying these offerings, I found myself in a state to upgrade my account type to further experience what Bitteks had to propose. Hence, I chose the Platinum account type that presented Trading Signals, Significant Leverages Up To 300, Tier 2 Room Analysis, Weekly Webinars, Private Analyst Sessions, and Level 2 Prioritized Process. It has much more to offer.

Payment Methods:

Bitteks provides the following payment methods:

  • Bank wire
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard

I found the transaction between my account types (from Gold to Platinum) to be very smooth and efficient. Another thing is that other payment methods like PayPal, IDEAL, and VLoad aren’t available. However, I used MasterCard and found my experience to be just as pleasurable.

Bitteks Review 2021

To figure out if a platform is of good quality is to judge it by how easy its transactions are carried out. If it causes any problem, it should be concerning. Though this platform yet again proved itself.

A Few More Things That I Noticed While Using This Platform:

Most of the time, I found myself going through eBooks at the education center. It is unlike any other platform with an education center. This platform helps to upgrade yourself and makes you comfortable with trading. But, like any other trader, I was very skeptical. Still, as it turns out, this platform offers honesty and good quality, which in today’s economy is very rare.

As I have mentioned about young traders entering the trading system, I think this is a great platform to start with. I found myself trusting this platform more every day. The youth arriving at a fast pace tend to lack knowledge about basic trading understanding. Thanks to such a forum, I’ve been able to broaden my awareness of some facets of trading. In my experience, no other tutor could have taught me. As a result, I felt comfortable and benefited while using this platform. However, I wish I could have started trading using such a trusting platform early on.

Customer Service:

Another way to make out if the platform is worth all your time and energy is by using and observing their customer service. A good platform has 24/7 customer service available.

Bitteks consists of live chat, telephone line, email, and filling out a form to ask for assistance from its customer service. It provides customer service 7 days a week. Unfortunately, though, they only have the telephone line selection for Australia and the UK regions. If more areas had been available for other clients, it would make it easier.

I had used the live chat option regarding customer service as I am a bit more contented with this option than being on the phone. I had all my concerns and questions answered with well informing answers. The replies were instant. I didn’t have to wait long to respond, which I was happy about. All the responses were straightforward and quite helpful. I think the service was of top-notch quality. In my opinion, I have never seen a more effective platform where all the services were dealt with as efficiently.

Bitteks Review


To conclude this review, I have to say that by far, this platform has improved my trading skills and overall has made my experience nothing short of pleasurable. I enjoyed using all this platform had to offer, like the education center and asset collection. In addition, I found almost no problem while using this platform. However, all my concerns were steered clear using customer service.

The contents had the required information covering all the topics and much more to help the novices. Another thing I have noticed is that this platform is very straightforward, self-explanatory, and user-friendly. All that there is to know about trading and the vocabulary used, especially in the trading industry, is illuminated, making it informative. All the services were delivered with great care and concern. I am glad I had the opportunity to use Bitteks. I hope my review was of help and gave you a bit of perspective about trading and this platform.

Disclaimer: This review from my own experience and self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.

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