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SecuredVC – Review

 Who SecuredVC Is For? 

I had been struggling before with Trading companies but as I stumbled upon SecuredVC and went on to trading with them, very quickly I realized that they are authentic to their core. Along these lines, they keep on applying new and creative ideas. I have been satisfied enough with this platform’s services that I wanted to share a review with you all as well and give you a satisfying recommendation you all deserve when it comes to the trading world.

On my way of directing careful and detailed research of what Trading platforms today have to bring to the table, I have come over a generally new name in the Forex business. Who is SecuredVC? I did complete research on them and used all their services to make sure they were real and yes, they are! Let us go over all the specifications of the platform so we can learn a little about them as well and decide for yourself.

Trade Experience 

I found the work process for analyzing or trading existing positions on the site is pretty simple—you’ll discover links to news and research for tickers in your portfolio or on a watchlist. It’s when you’re looking for another trading idea that it gets clumsy to figure out the different tabs and drop-down choices. Most traders like myself will discover what they are searching for in the News and Research tab where you can discover stocks by market cap, profit yield, the top rating in the sector, etc. I don’t find their website color scheme as attractive but that is just a personal preference. You can set a couple of defaults for trading on the web, for example, regardless of whether you need a market or limit order, but most choices must be made at the hour of the trade. 

On SecuredVC, you can set defaults for everything trade-related—size, type, time, and an assortment of different choices. You can likewise place a trade from a graph. I really was impressed to notice that SecuredVC gives ongoing information over the platform, including watchlists, charts, order entry tickets, and option chain display. I have arrived at a point where pretty much every trading platform has more information and devices than individual needs. Notwithstanding the filters, graphing tools, defined alerts, and entry and exit tools that will address the issues of most active traders, SecuredVC likewise gives a probability calculator, choices analytics, and substantially more. 


At SecuredVC, you can trade a wide variety of commodities, from valuable metals to oil and gas. This section is especially rich on the grounds that there are a couple of assets among them that can make or break your day on the market. Allow me to clarify. 

Gold, for instance, is viewed as a place of refuge resource. As such, this implies that the asset is relied upon to hold its worth even through difficulties and guarantee you the profit for your venture. Likewise, gold additionally fills in as a sign available, since the stocks generally move its other way. You can use this trick to decide not just how your commodities trading course of action will go, but how you can likewise profit by trading stocks. 

Usability Convenience 

SecuredVC is very simple and easy to use. The platform has tended to the challenges of having the tools for traders while still having a simple encounter for new traders by basically parting its offerings into two platforms. Initial account opening with SecuredVC is basic. Nonetheless, adding on account features, for example, alternatives trading or margin includes rounding out an extra application, and none of that information, (for example, your occupation) is copied from your profile, so you need to enter it once more. Their security is why I trust them so much.

Less active traders mainly looking to buy and hold will discover SecuredVC’s electronic platform more than adequate for their necessities, with quotes, graphs, watchlists, and more stuffed into an interface that figures out how to abstain from being overwhelming. Their platform can get a little slow at times, but the services make up for it.


SecuredVC Online Education Center contains more than 600 bits of content in areas including options, fixed income, crucial and specialized analysis, and retirement. The instructive substance is articles, videos, webinars, infographics, and recorded webinars. The substance is a combination of SecuredVC, and outsider made substance, which incorporates courses planned to direct the beginner trader or even an expert forward. They could provide a much wider range of eBook which is lacking a little bit. This is where I found SecuredVC so much helpful as it provides additional offers weekly online Education meetings, where customers can go to a little gathering, online instructive meetings to have inside and out conversations around the subjects of trading and specialized analysis. The mobile applications feature what SecuredVC considers Education Programs that help to start traders better comprehend the market and investing ideas. 

SecuredVC launched a mobile feature as well, proposed to help youthful grown-ups on their excursion towards accomplishing their monetary objectives. It has made trading so simple for me. I don’t have to open a laptop while I can just log in through my phone and trade any time. The mobile feature helped me with prioritizing and organizing my goals and sorting out where to trade depending upon the time span. 

Customer Care 

  • 24/7 telephone line 
  • Online chat with a human analyst 
  • FAQs principally centered around trading related data 
  • You can converse with a live trader 

One of the clearest manners by which the organization gets back to the customers and demonstrates their commitment again and again is giving a productive client service group. SecuredVC is plainly planning to win an honor with their client care operators, who are both brief however, educated but use basic language which everybody can comprehend. Their customer service might get slow at night-time, but they always give an appropriate answer. I had a good experience using their customer care.

You can get in touch with them through the live chat choice, which is basically my top pick. The operators are accessible immediately, and you can keep them on the line as long as you need. Additionally, you can use the email choice which is also safe and responsive.

Risk Management 

With risk management SecuredVC is amazing and so hands on. I am very happy with how much they care for their clients.

Regardless of how involved you are in market Trading, the first thing you have to know is that it is very unsafe. Like in some other business, there are good and bad times. Also, however you can’t completely shield yourself from the risk, you can take some deterrent measures. The most significant one is teaching yourself so as to attempt to be ready for tough situations. 

But SecuredVC from the very first time that I joined them made me and other clients feel very safe from the risk that could be there but was not. It became very safe and easy to trade with them.


SecuredVC’s security is up to industry norms: 

  • Security questions are used when customers sign in from an obscure program. 
  • Higher risk trades, for example, wire moves, require two-factor verification. 


Considering the tremendous wide variety of assets SecuredVC offers to its customers, it is nothing unexpected that they additionally offer installment strategies. Here, you can discover one of each. From the traditional credit and debit cards to e-wallets and even good old bank wire transfers. 

The time required for your withdrawal request to be handled may appear to be long but remember that the SecuredVC group uses it to confirm your data, so they can ensure your assets are totally made sure about. I have noticed that not a great deal of trading organizations is so devoted to preparing each and every solicitation made by the customers, so SecuredVC certainly has a bit of leeway with regards to their commitment to exactness and security

My Verdict 

SecuredVC offers a fantastic incentive to traders of all experience levels. Those with an interest in directing their own personal research will be content with the assets given. buy and-hold traders and regular equity traders are particularly very much served, which addresses how huge and balanced SecuredVC is as an online trader. One result of this is that you can invest some energy for the tool or feature you have to settle on a specific investment choice – it exists, however, you may need to look for it. Whenever you are set up and trading, I found SecuredVC’s execution quality is fabulous at most trade sizes and their emphasis on creating revenue on your inert money is praiseworthy. 

The general image I have for this broker is fantastic. SecuredVC experience showed me that I was dealing with an authentic broker, who takes great consideration of customers and their assets. All things considered; I can recommend them without any hesitation.

SecuredVC’s improvement viewpoint is centered around improving the client experience, saying that its objective for 2020 is proceeding to meet client expectations around customer experience and convenience.

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