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Carter-Williams Review 2021 – The Future Of Online Trading

Carter-Williams Review: Trade is a solid constant that is part of the world’s ever-changing economy. Trade is vital to the functioning of the world and at the same time, the systems used for conducting trade require the same attention. Trading systems have more or less stayed the same over the past thousands of years with a few exceptions in terms of distribution but the core trade system has remained intact. With the advent of the internet in the late 1990s, a new and improved technique of trading would be introduced based on which a separate trading system could be built.

The internet acted as the infrastructure for the next generation of trading and it revolutionized how beginners can contribute to the exchange of assets during trading hours. I was a beginner when I first started. I selected the new online trading system as my default system. This was when online trading was expanding at an exponential rate.

One of the best things that I liked about online trading platforms was their commitment to remain consistent in their efforts to help beginners gain an equal footing in the open market and give them a chance to showcase their skills. Eventually, I moved up the chain and became a full-time trader. This was no easy task for it took patience to learn everything there was to know about the online trading system.

When I first began my search for the trading platform that would eventually become my go-to platform, I received a lot of recommended results. The internet is full of trading platforms that are verified by regional offices and it is very difficult to differentiate between them without testing them.


This review is about my experience testing online trading platforms and coming to the conclusion that Carter-Williams was the best choice for my success and the success of other beginners in general. Now I am very particular when it comes to making decisions and I do my research before I make a decision. Many trading platforms provided an acceptable working environment for my business but there were a few aspects that made Carter-Williams the better option overall.

The aspects that made Carter-Williams my pick were isolated by myself. I defined these as factors that would affect the trading experience in general. The primary factors that affected my decision are related to the following

  • Asset Management
  • Security Control
  • Accessibility
  • Variety of Account Options

Asset Management

Assets are the fundamental blocks of every trading platform be it online or conventional. Assets require special sets of skills and tools to manage and not all platforms implement a sound strategy for such tasks. However, I was impressed by the attention to detail Carter-Williams had put into developing their tools for such purposes.

Now, when I first signed on to this trading platform, I was able to trade with Forex and Indices using custom tools made for efficient bidding. Additional tools for trading with commodities, currencies and company stocks were also provided. All in all, I felt pretty good when I was able to bump up my quarterly profits by nearly 8% as a direct result of these tools. One of the best uses of the trading tools available to users on this platform was trading with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new concept but it has been around ever since the internet went mainstream. The online trading system favours digital currencies and promotes them in the open market. Now even though crypto is unstable, its value in the open market cannot be neglected.

Analysts predict that crypto is here to stay no matter what happens. Its importance is characterized in the thousands of businesses that depend on it and any platform that does not provide tools for utilizing cryptocurrencies in the open market cannot be defined as the best. Carter-Williams does offer support for cryptocurrencies and there are specific tools designed for trading with them. However, there are a few limitations for crypto which does not affect the profit margin significantly but it is noticeable.

Security Control

One of the most important features of any trading platform is its security. Trade involves the exchange of billions of dollars’ worth of assets between regions so it goes without saying, data security is an essential component of a trading platform. In conventional trading, beginners are at a slight disadvantage since we do not have access to the complex security techniques that professionals do. However, online trading platformers provide users with a level playing field where all users are given the same security protocol.

When I first came across Carter-Williams, I was going through the most reputed brands in terms of security and Carter-Williams was credited for offering quality services while ensuring that their users’ data is inaccessible to anyone but the user themselves. If there is any breach, the user is notified. I liked this feature which put my security first. The platform implemented a complex encryption protocol that assisted in the development of server codes and is actively used to design an end-end service. This way the user data is kept secure while still being easy to access the open market without any problems.


As an end-user, I would say that this platform has been beneficial for me. In the age of technological advancements, it is good to have my business based on platforms that can offer me protection, help me secure my trade secrets, while also allowing me to utilize these secrets as a tool to conduct trade. This is what I would call the best of all worlds where there are only positive outcomes for a situation.


This is an important feature for any trading platform especially one that is based on the internet as its support infrastructure. Accessibility refers to the platform’s ability to be accessed easily from different regions of the world without any significant consequences. For uninterrupted experience, users normally have to take extra steps and sign up to different platforms to keep their business up and running even when they are in a different region. This is because trade requires uninterrupted access and any latency might prove to be detrimental to the strategy of a beginner.

To pass around this issue, many people go with multiple trading platforms so that they can conduct their business dealings in different regions as well. However, one of the things I liked about Carter-Williams is the extensive server network they utilize to ensure that every financial hub in the world has separate support servers. This ensures that users are bothered when they are in different regions and they do not have to opt for multiple trading platforms to go on with their business. I consider this a good solution and an excellent outcome when compared with the alternative where users essentially had to sign up with the regional trading platforms to get things going. But with Carter-Williams, this wasn’t necessary since the latency was negligible thus providing an optimal performance environment for beginners who cannot afford multiple platforms simultaneously let alone be able to operate them.

Account Types

What I found appealing in Carter-Williams when I was combing through its services were the extensive support packages they offered for their customer base. In my initial search for a viable trading platform, I had to pass on many of the options because of the lack of support they provided in terms of account support for beginners. Beginner traders have a hard time adjusting to a trading platform and any brand that is driven by a desire to recognize this fact and offer a solution is a keeper in my book. That is why I have been with Carter-Williams ever since I began online trading.


The Carter-Williams platforms offer a diverse range of account types that provide tools and resources for beginners and professionals. There are a total of 4 options for users and they are characterized as Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These options are available for every user which means that even with minimum experience, users can still choose a high profile account and learn from there.

In terms of cost, the basic option requires a menial deposit of €250 and ranges to a €10,000 deposit for the platinum version. One setback of this distribution is that some features are lacking in the beginner account options that are only available for professionals such as webinars and access to higher spreads. It does not exactly dampen the profit margin but the final result is noticeable in terms of revenue generated.  

Final thoughts

The online trading system has introduced a sly of new opportunities and while there are still some kinks that have to be worked out of the system the overall advantages provided are worth it. Carter-Williams has treated me very well over my trading years. There are obvious issues that still need to be addressed in this platform as is the case in many other platforms as well but all in all, I have had an amazing experience.


This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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