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Choosing Between Breast Lift vs Breast Augmentation

Two common procedures to deal with breast-related issues are a breast lift and breast augmentation. When it comes to breast lift vs breast augmentation, there are some noticeable differences a patient must take into consideration when choosing. 

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a very common type of plastic surgery. It involves enhancing the breast shape and size using implants. Women who want breast augmentation want to increase the size of the breast. It’s not always for aesthetic reasons and some women choose this procedure to reconstruct or rebuild breasts that have been affected by different conditions in order to feel more like themselves. 

When choosing breast augmentation, there are different things to keep in mind. Women need to choose the type of implant, the implant shape and size, implant placement, and incision. 

One thing a breast augmentation won’t do is elevate sagging or drooping breasts. It could even accentuate already sagging breasts. It also doesn’t lift the nipples that are below the natural breast crease. 

Breast Lift

The breast lift procedure raises and reshapes the nipple and breast by removing excess skin and giving a more youthful firmness to the breast. Instead of increasing the size of the breast, a breast lift’s focus is improving and raising the appearance and shape of the nipples and breast. It introduces more perkiness to the breast to improve the natural look and doesn’t use implants. This procedure is more common with women who have lost weight, are older, or whose breasts have sagged with breastfeeding and pregnancy. A breast lift won’t increase the fullness or size of the breast. 

Which One Is Right for You?

When choosing breast lift vs breast augmentation, either procedure is a personal decision and requires a lot of thought. There are some different factors you want to consider. 

The first step is to decide what you want and what is a realistic goal. If you want full and larger breasts then breast augmentation is going to give you these results. If you want to fix drooping and sagging breasts for a perkier appearance without changing your breast size then a breast lift is the right choice. You may even need to consider a combined breast lift and breast augmentation procedure, especially if you have both sagging breasts and want fuller and larger ones. It’s also important to consider motivations.

Are you hoping to improve your own confidence and comfort or are you doing it for other reasons? If you would just be happy with a lift but your partner wants you to get implants, consider what you want and not what others want. The cost will also depend on different factors. A breast lift can sometimes be a more expensive procedure. Each procedure also has its own risks. Both have the potential for issues with anesthesia or infections. If you get an augmentation, there is a risk of issues with the implants. Depending on what is being done, there could be the risk of losing sensitivity in the breast or nipples. 

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