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Golden Gate Review: Why Should You Choose This Trading Platform in 2021?

Golden Gate is a great CFD brokerage firms that you can find on the internet. I have been a long-time client of this online trading platform, and I’ve had a positive experience throughout. Golden-Gate is one of my preferred picks when people ask me to which platform I use. To me it is a reliable online trading platform. After going through my review, I hope you can decide for yourself if this platform will suit you as a trader and meet your needs.

Online Trading

Traders all around the world can use this venture platform. You can trade with over 250 financial CFD instruments on this platform which include indices, commodities, forex, crypto, and stocks. This is helpful for meas I wanted diversity in my trading portfolio.

The platform is beginner-friendly, and It was recommended to me by my brother because I was new to trading. It allows for low-dormancy trading. The platform also has modern tools, excellent customer support, and customizable charts that are easy to use. I think the most impressive feature on this trading platform is its high-speed execution. Time is money, and I appreciate that the platform values their client’s time.

The Key Features of Golden Gate

I started trading on Golden Gate many months ago. I have been impressed by several of its functions and tools. I was a bit skeptical going in, but the trading platform exceeded my expectations. Many people ask me about the trading platforms they should use when they get started with trading, and that’s why I decided to write a detailed review of Golden Gate. I hope it answers some questions you have about this trading platform and help you decide if it’s the right platform for you.

Golden Gate offers innovative analytical tools and charts that makes them a tough competitor in the market. It also has learning resources that are very helpful for those starting out with trading. Another thing I really like about the platform is that they have five ways to deposit funds. Some other perks they offer are admitting trading signals and limits along with the option of other extra assets.

The key features of this platform are the analytical tools, learning resources, a smooth deposit or withdrawal process along with a range of options, reasonable pricing plans, and over 250 trading assets.

Is Golden Gate Reliable? 93%

The online trading platform is entirely owned and operated by Golden Gate. That’s a plus point in my books. I see it as an indication that I can trust the platform. The Golden Gate administration is very transparent. They made sure that I knew their security is at the top of the platform’s priorities. After you decide on a broker, you can take time to explore the platform on your own before you make an account. I have been very satisfied by the support on this platform and the security they offer.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. You will find many good reviews online on Golden Gate, where users mention that they have no misgivings about the platform’s security and validity. Scams are very real in the online trading world. Many experienced traders will tell you they fell prey to an online trading fraud at some point in their lives.

If you’re worried about scams, then that’s a good thing. You ought to be. Getting scammed and losing money is not fun. But you don’t have to think about that with Golden Gate. It is a reputable platform that I have come to trust. That’s why I’ll keep using this platform in the future as well.

The Trading Platforms You Can Find

Trading Platform

Unfortunately, some well-known platforms like MetaTrader4 are not used by the Golden-Gate, even though the Golden-Gate WebTrader platform can be dispatched by the traders from other intermediaries’ programs straightforwardly. Novice traders can just sign-in to an account as the platform is completely electronic.

I think if Golden Gates had some popular platforms like MetaTrader4, I would think it’s an all-rounder. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. But you can use the Golden Gate WebTrader platform through intermediary programs.

Golden Gates is very easy to use and simple to understand. Imade an account in a few simple steps to get started. Idid not even need to buy any products or download an app to begin.

There are different accounts depending on the price plan you choose, and you might have restricted access to some services because of your account. But overall, there will be many tools that you can use on the platform depending on your requirements. The charts are easy to adjust according to preference as well.

How Golden Gate Works?

I believe that most traders, particularly in today’s age, prefer multiple assets and a diverse portfolio. Over the years, I have learned to lean towards this approach as well. It is not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. That’s why I think it’s very important for a trading platform to offer multiple assets. Golden Gate checks that box, and I’m happy about that.

If you’re a complete novice, Golden Gate will provide you the support you need to navigate your way through the unpredictable market. I found the administration to be responsible and professional, and the support they offer is praiseworthy. I wish that the theme of the platform could have been improved over time as I do not prefer the current color palette.

The trading platform is entirely online, and I had the option to add extra platforms depending on the account Ihad. The platform also offers special rewards that can be specific to the type of account. You can choose the type of account that suits your needs from a range of account types available on the platform.

The Economic Calendar 80%

The Economic Calendar is a useful tool that many experienced traders rely on. It keeps track of their financial strategies and monetary indicators. It also keeps traders informed about events and important occasions related to trading. The Trading Central controls Economic Calendar on Golden Gate. It is a helpful tool to analyze trading systems. If you’re not familiar with the Economic Calendar, you’re missing out because it will give you a major advantage if you use it the right way.

Trading Platform

Learning Resources80%

Golden Gate is great for beginner level traders. They have several instructional materials and resources on the platform. The information that the platform provides helped me make well-informed choices when I traded. I have learned many tips and tricks from the platform myself. The learning resources include market investigation and reviews, information on accounting, a trading glossary, and many informative eBooks. The platform lacks free video lectures but it makes up for it by providing webinars.

Multiple Accounts88%

The accounts that Golden Gate offers are Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum accounts. Unfortunately, there’s no free account, but the base deposit for the Basic account is at a comparatively reasonable price of 250 euros.

Their Basic account also offers a good variety of features that a free account is not likely to have on any platform. That’s why I think the investment is worth it for novice traders. When I decided to make an account, I chose the Basic account that helped me learn about trading and taking risks in a safe way, and Icould slowly work your my up as Igot more experience.

The vast difference in base deposits for other accounts shows that Golden Gate had complete beginners in mind when they set up the Basic account. For example, the deposit is 10,000 euros for Silver, 25,000 euros for Gold, and 100,000 euros for Platinum. This reaffirmed my belief that Golden Gate is beginner-friendly and that it’s a platform that encourages your growth.

A High Leverage 79%

Golden Gate offers a high leverage to traders compared to other trading platforms, in my opinion. They allow traders to use a combination of trading systems. Traders can also choose to trade fewer assets, but with a higher value. The high leverage that Golden Gate offers is very appealing because it can help traders get more experience, learn risk management, and overall, become better traders.

Negative Balance Security 85%

One thing I’ve seen happen quite a few times in the trading world is that sometimes, novice traders do not keep their assets separate from the assets of a liquidity provider. And when that provider leaves because of some reason, their assets are gone.

I was concerned about this, so I contacted the customer support on Golden Gate. They reassured me that they keep assets separate. Golden Gate also offers negative balance security for both retail and professional traders, so you can’t lose more money than you contributed. This is another benefit for novice traders because they can trade safely without the risk of losing too much money.

Transparency and Communication 90%

Trading Platform

It is always important to acknowledge and learn about risks that come with trading, and Golden Gate does a pretty good job at informing its clients about the risks involved. For example, crypto is very volatile and you will be well aware of that once you use the platform.

Client Support 89%

I’ve always had a pleasant experience with the customer support on this platform. They are always helpful. They have the option of live chat, phone call, and email for contact along with an online form.

The Takeaway

I have made the right choice by choosing this platform. The services offered by Golden-Gate make this a unique platform.

I’ve been satisfied with the platform ever since I started using it. Golden Gate offers excellent services and support. The design can sometimes get a bit clunky, but don’t let that deter you from the exceptional trading experience that the platform offers.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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