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How to Make a Snake Diet Work for You

The snake diet and ketogenic diet are both highly effective in aiding in quick weight loss and long-term overall health.

What is the Snake Diet?

A revolutionary new diet trend grows in popularity amongst people trying to find their quick weight loss plan. This is a great new diet resource because it teaches the best way to eat for long term weight loss.

The basic concept behind the snake diet is that you eat a unique drink mix mixed with juices only once per day. The special mixture of fruits and vegetables will induce your body into a different metabolic state, where it can burn fat much faster than normal.

The result of this is a fast-burning of the extra fat cells in your body, giving you a much slimmer figure in a short period. It also helps increase your metabolism so that your body always has the energy to work at high levels.

A snake diet works in the same way as other fad diets that keep you on your toes and quickly lead to extreme calorie burning. For instance, if you were to go on a no-carb diet, where you cannot eat any carbohydrates for one whole month, this would be an extreme calorie saver, but it would not allow you to stick to the diet in the long run.

You will lose weight, but you would probably not lose the amount of weight you were hoping for. On the other hand, a snake diet allows you to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you like and still burns off more calories than you would ever imagine. Its math, really; it works on your metabolism.

Because of its mathematical calculations, the snake diet focuses on your metabolism as the main driver of your weight loss. It also uses hunger cues to trick your brain into believing that you are packed so that when you eat less food, you will still feel full. This can help you lose more weight in a very short period because while you are fasting, you do not eat much at all.

This causes your metabolism to slow down, and your body will use food stores very efficiently, causing you to lose much less weight than you would normally. It is not uncommon to lose a pound or two in the first week of using the diet!

Snake Diet Juice Recipe

To make this recipe, you will need

  • Vegetables such as cucumbers and potatoes
  • Bread to make the sandwich breading
  • Tomato sauce,
  • Lettuce leaves (diced),
  • A teaspoon of chili powder,
  • A teaspoon of Cayenne pepper,
  • Chickpeas

Please put all of these ingredients into your blender, and mix them until they form a smooth paste. You will then add in some water and put it in the bottle of snake juice.

Next, you will take a spoon and put some water between your thumb and forefinger so that the liquid runs out of your fingers before it touches anything else. Next, you will put the bread into the blender again and turn the machine on to mix the ingredients.

Snake diet results

Now comes the tricky part, the part where you have to monitor how much you eat and how often you eat.

Most people who try the ketosis diet are amazed by how fast the first phase of the plan works. Within a week, most people experience a huge weight loss and can no longer believe that they are still fat.

The fastest way for this type of rapid weight loss to work is to eat one meal a day, usually about half and one-third of your current daily calorie intakes.

The downside to this is that you may over eat food, which will cause your body to use reserves to deal with the extra consumption and could lead to ketones building up in your body if you are not careful.

How to follow the Snake Diet

Although the Snake Diet may superficially resemble intermittent fasting, it is a lot more intense, even reframing a typical meal routine — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — like supplemental meals.

Robinson sets several guidelines to your diet on his site but continually revises them through his YouTube channel.

The diet is based heavily on Snake Juice, which could be bought on Robinson’s site or produced at home. The components are:

  • 1/2 tsp (2 g) of sour pink salt
  • 1 tsp (5 grams ) of salt-free potassium chloride
  • 1/2 tsp (2 g) of food-grade Epsom salts

Dosage guidelines do not exist for the homemade version, but you are restricted to 3 packs of powdered electrolyte mix daily for the industrial item.

Robinson also makes total calorie urges, promising that a newcomer into the diet requires no longer than 3,500 calories each week.

For instance, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends 1,600–2,400 daily calories for girls and 2,000–3,000 for guys — approximately 11,200–16,800 and 14,000–21,000 calories each week, respectively.

That is more than Robinson indicates, meaning that individuals on the Snake Diet run the chance of severe metabolic syndrome.

As soon as you achieve your target weight, Robinson urges 8,500 calories each week (dispersed across 5 foods ) for busy girls and 20,000 calories each week (around 3 total eating times ) for busy guys.

Through the diet, you are invited to measure ketones using a pee strip.

How The Snake Diet Works?

Ketosis is a metabolic condition leading to starvation, prolonged fasting, or even low carb, high-fat diet. During ketosis, your body burns fat for energy rather than glucose (blood sugar).

The diet is separated into three phases.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the very first fast for novices into your diet. Within this phase, you are intended to achieve and maintain ketosis.

The first fast must last at least 48 hours and be supplemented with unsustainable levels of apple cider vinegar and Snake Juice.

Afterwards, you are permitted to eat for 1–two hours though variety is deemed irrelevant and there aren’t any instructions for what to eat or prevent — before leaping right into a lengthier, 72-hour fast, followed by another feeding window. The goal here would be to ‚Äúdetoxify your liver.”

However, Robinson does not state which poisons are targeted. What is more, your kidneys and liver naturally rid the body of harmful chemicals, which can be expelled in sweat, urine, and faces.

Additionally, there’s scant proof that detox diets purge some other contaminants out of the human entire body.

Phase 2

Throughout the next phase, you cycle long fasts of 48–96 hours, divided by only meals. You are invited to fast till you can’t endure it — that could pose several health dangers.

Phase 3

You are intended to remain with this phase until you get to your desired weight. You are told to follow your body’s natural hunger cues in this phase.

Since the diet concentrates primarily on dismissing hunger cues, this change in focus might be hard to attain and looks contradictory to the diet’s concept.

Further, both leptin and ghrelin, two hormones in charge of fullness and hunger, might be changed by fasting.

Final Words

There are a whole lot of followers and defenders of the eating strategy. But be mindful that this diet hasn’t yet been examined and is clinically suspect. Meeting your target weight requires more than only a diet program. Attain the fantasy body by making healthy lifestyle decisions, changing your eating habits, and getting more exercise.

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