Tips For Concealed Carriers

Firearm safety is a big component of being a responsible gun owner. When you have a concealed carry license, having good practices in place for safely carrying your weapon is really important. Here are some tips for properly carrying your firearm.

Decide Where to Holster

There are concealed carry ankle holsters, holsters for your waist and more places to securely hold your firearm when you’re out in public. Decide where on your person is the most comfortable, accessible and safe for you to holster your weapon. Your waist is a common spot, since you can reach it easily and it doesn’t obstruct your motion. Your ankle is great because it’s inconspicuous and mobile.

Wear Routinely

When you become a concealed carry owner, you should carry your weapon every time you leave your home. The goal is to maximize your personal safety while developing your experience and comfortability with holding your weapon on your person. This will help you break out of habits such as checking your weapon too often when out in public and figuring out where best to carry your gun when traveling.

Avoid Exposure

One of the important aspects of concealed carry is that your weapon should be concealed. Avoid holsters or clothes that create a print or bulge. It makes it obvious for others to see that you’re armed and you don’t want to be clumsy. Clothing can also expose your weapon outright so make sure that your wardrobe fits the goal of understating. 

Being responsible and knowing your sidearm and its holster are important parts of being a gun owner. Learn what fits best for you when you carry your gun, whether it’s your waist or ankle. Then, get used to carrying it around to grow out of certain habits. Don’t be conspicuous, be conscious so you can keep yourself and others safe.

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