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Luxury Hair Shears: When Only the Best Will Do

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With creative hairstyles becoming more popular than ever, there is a growing demand for professional hairstylists who can transform flat and dull hair into something really special and fantastic. 

However, this cannot simply be achieved through brushing and trimming hair or even by fixing a few split ends. While all these are essential parts of getting healthy, beautiful hair, the success of a haircut also depends on the skills of the stylist and the kind of equipment they use.

As a basic rule of thumb, you, as a stylist, must have a pair of premium quality hairdressing Scissors. The hair cutting shears are essentially an extension of the stylist’s arm and it is very important to have a pair that is most suitable to your skill set and for the job you want to do. 

When you get trained as a stylist at a cosmetology school, you learn to use basic shears. But once you start practicing as a professional, you will need to put in more hours and traditional shears will end up causing a lot of strain. This is the reason why luxury hair shears are preferred by many professional hairstylists. 

Luxury hair shears allow professionals to unleash their creativity. The precision offered by these shears is unparalleled and the motion of blades can be adjusted to your needs.

Over the years, hair shears have evolved significantly. Their designs have changed to fit the needs of the stylist’s creativity and they have emerged to become extremely durable tools. Most hair shears available in the market are made of steel but luxury hair shears are made of top-quality steel. 

As the designs change to accommodate the changing hairstyles in demand, there is an exciting range of shears available to us today. 

Types of Luxury Hair Shears

Given below are several such luxury hair shears that you can consider, once you are confident about your skills. 

  • Sharpening Cutting Shears

When you need to cut very precisely, sharpening cutting shears are all that you need. These cutting shears have very sharp blades that are arranged in a pyramidal shape and thus, they can be used for cutting very close to the skin (almost shaving the area). 

The sharpening cutting shears, as the name suggests, can also be used to sharpen the edges or lines after finishing a haircut. They are very comfortable to work with. Further, these shears can deliver a smooth finish, without any hassle, all thanks to their concave shape. 

  • Grinding Cutting Shears

These hair shears have a combination of blades which gives it a rather unique design. Grinding cutting shears have a serrated edge blade along with a razor blade. Such a combination allows you to control the volume of hair and shape it in any way you want. 

However, if you are not too careful, you might end up removing more volume than you initially intended to. Therefore, it is really important to practice and master the art of using grinding cutting shears to reduce the volume of hair on the parts where it is the thickest. That way you will be able to achieve the desirable haircut without any trouble at all. 

  • Micro-teeth Shears

 These hair shears, like the sharpening cutting shears, are used for haircuts that demand extreme precision. Micro-teeth hair shears have saw-like blades that are razor sharp and can be used for getting clean lines. 

If you want to cut a short, sharp bob, then these are the best tools. However, if you want a textured style, then you cannot use micro-teeth shears as they will not be able to move smoothly through hair, especially voluminous hair. 

  • Thinning Out Shears

 Thinners or thinning out shears are very simple hair shears that are very convenient for creating hairstyles with different textures. These hair shears have two toothed blades that easily slide through hair, separating and thinning out the hair to create a texture. 

The Wrap Up

What makes the luxury hair shears the best is the fact that they are ergonomically designed! Ergonomic hair shears have a neutral grip handle along with an extended crane. Thus, they do not put too much pressure on the hands or shoulders, reducing the risk of many repetitive stress injuries. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common injury when you use shears with straight handles for an extended period. These shears put excess pressure on your hand, elbow, neck, and shoulder, causing severe pain. However, luxury shears with an ergonomic design are much more comfortable and they do not cause any kind of stress even when used for a very long time. 

All in all, luxury hair shears provide an excellent range of motion, utmost comfort and are extremely reliable and the versatility of these shears is quite convenient. Every stylist deserves to have the very best to take their skills to new heights and luxury shears help you achieve just that.

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