How to start a fashion blog

5 Quick Tips For How To Start Fashion Blog

Why You Should Start a Fashion Blog?


In the event that you are enthusiastic about fashion and style, at that point, you more likely than not seen some top fashion bloggers and influencers on Instagram.

These fashion blogs give a stage to the bloggers, however, they likewise bring heaps of chances their direction. You will be shocked to find the numerous ways fashion bloggers bring in cash from their blogs.

Find the perfect domain name and web host

Blogs facilitated on locales like Tumblr and even are extraordinary for specialists, however in the event that you want to bring in cash from your blog, you have to put resources into your own space and a facilitating plan. This causes your blog to show up progressively genuine and gives you undeniably more choices as far as to plan and adapt.

The best alternative with regards to convenience, moderateness, and adaptability is self-facilitated WordPress (this is not the same as

Past a stage, you’ll additionally need to pick a name to use as your area name.

Not certain what to call your blog? Attempt a blog name generator. These destinations make it simple to mess with various employments of a few important words or expressions.

When you’ve chosen a name, you’ll have to pick a facilitating administration. In case you don’t know where to start, look at our manual for picking a WordPress to have. The most present-day has offered a simple a single tick answer for installing WordPress, so you’ll have a lot of reasonable alternatives to browse.

On the off chance that you don’t have the opportunity to experience all that is accessible out there in the market, just sign up to Bluehost. They’re entirely moderate (from $2.95/month), and convey all the highlights you may require. There’s additionally a simple to utilize organization board for your server – you don’t have to have any experience working with sites or servers so as to have the option to utilize it.

Find the perfect theme

With all the details off the beaten path, you are allowed to concentrate on the innovative part, otherwise known as the things that drove you to start a fashion blog. One of the most critical factors in the accomplishment of a blog is its idea. Each fruitful fashion blog has a theme that they follow.

WordPress has a pre-set theme for each blog on its foundation, which you can alter as per your blog – simply make sure to dispose of all default test posts and pages.

Set up the theme for your blog as cautiously as you would assemble an outfit; look over in excess of 2,000 themes present on WordPress’ store. On the off chance that those themes aren’t up to your demanding guidelines, you can purchase from numerous others on outsider locales.

Think about your future yearnings for the blog while choosing a theme so the two can adjust appropriately. Here, it is vital to break down all the highlights and the presentation elements of your blog and guarantee that everything is good. This will help streamline your blog’s presence.

Free or premium?

An immense determination of both free and premium decisions is available on WordPress.

You can discover themes worth $3 and $1,000, and all the qualities in the middle. Consequently, it is a reasonable way to deal with peruse through the free themes first and afterward take a gander at the top-notch ones.

Like outfits, it is smarter to ‘attempt before you purchase’, so check the sneak peeks before buying or downloading. WordPress’s storehouse and other theme engineers allow you to perceive what their themes would resemble in your fashion blog format before you get them.

Do you know what you want?

Filtering through themes while scanning for the ideal one can be extremely energizing. An excess of assortment can overpower a beginner blogger and may prompt mistaken choices. In this manner, it is important to know accurately what you want in a theme and afterward search for it enthusiastically.

Rundown and organize the functionalities that you want on your blog – they could be anything from dropdowns to segments to visual slideshows to reviews and so on. Gap your rundown into two sections; the top need and discretionary errands.

Contingent upon the rundown, select the theme that is perfect with all ideal highlights and at any rate a couple of the non-necessary ones.

What will your perusers want?

A huge piece of the present age is consistently in a hurry, which is the reason most perusers today lean toward perusing blogs on their cell phones.

Hence, guarantee that your chose theme isn’t stage-bound and is responsive overall local blog understanding stages.

What would you like to accomplish?

Make a psychological image of your blog’s viewpoint and afterward use it as a standard while choosing the theme. Thusly, you spare time, exertion, and a mess of cash.

Having explicit norms as a primary concern will make you one stride nearer to your fantasy blog – regardless of whether it is a fashion counsel blog or a fashion survey blog. Subsequently, select the theme that most intently lines up with the picture in your brain.

Who are your perusers?

Know your crowd – might appear old counsel, yet I guarantee you, it is fundamental to know your perusers with the goal that you can consider them while saying yes to a theme.

Keeping them in your brain will just assist you with narrowing down the decisions, so you remain on-pattern.

Then again, in the event that you are madly innovative and an innovator, at that point don’t be hesitant to start another fashion development, who knows, it may wind up being in other high-fashion blogs!

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When you’ve chosen a theme, download it to your PC. At that point, get to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance → Themes.WordPress Settings – Themes

  • Next, click on Add New.WordPress Settings – Add New Theme
  • You can peruse through themes in the following screen in case you’re not yet secure with your first decision. Something else, click Upload Theme.WordPress Settings – Upload Theme
  • Select Choose File, at that point, Install Now.WordPress Settings – Install Theme
  • When it’s installed, Preview your theme to ensure that you’re content with it.WordPress Settings – Theme Preview
  • Finally, Activate it and you’re all set. You can do as such from the Live Preview screen or from the Themes area in your dashboard.WordPress Settings – Activate Theme
  • You can alter your theme by getting to the Customize area under Themes in your WordPress dashboard. The choices accessible will shift depending on the theme you picked, however tweaking a theme is generally simple.


To install a module, you have to go to your Dashboard and select Plugins, at that point Add New. You can peruse accessible modules right now transfer your own, similarly as you did with your theme. The most straightforward approach to install a module, in any case, is to search for it utilizing the Search field. When you’ve discovered what you were searching for, hit Install Now, at that point Activate. That is essentially it.

  • UpdraftPlus – encourages you to get your whole site sponsored up and sent to the cloud for supervision. You wouldn’t want to lose all the substance you’ve buckled down on because of a glitch.
  • WPForms – this one encourages you to effectively make a Contact structure for site guests who should connect. You know, so they can reveal to you exactly how amazing your fashion blog is.
  • Yoast SEO–SEO, which represents site design improvement, causes you to get more guests on your site from web search tools like Google (we’ll find a good pace a moment). This module empowers you to streamline your posts for web-based life, include meta labels, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Create a consistent publishing schedule

To make a fruitful fashion blog, you need two things:

  • Astonishing pictures of your special fashion
  • Consistency

You’ll need to sharpen your photography abilities with numerous long periods of training, however, you can build up a predictable distributing plan by making a publication schedule.

  • The perfect distributing plan for you relies upon:
  • How frequently your opposition posts
  • How frequently you can post quality substance

Many fashion blogs post each day, yet posting recurrence should never come at the expense of post quality. In the event that you can just distribute once every week to start, that is fine – yet ponder what you will distribute ahead of time.

Monetize your blog

Blogging as interest is extraordinary, however blogging as a business is far superior. In the event that you want to make money from your blog, these are the absolute most mainstream approaches to begin:

  • Affiliate Marketing – Become a member of fashion brands you cherish and gain cash when individuals purchase the items you suggest!
  • Make your own items – Are you an originator? Sell your manifestations with an eCommerce module.
  • Offer a help – Maybe you’re not a fashioner, however, you have the relationship-building abilities and sharp eye to turn into a fashion advisor.
  • Sell publicizing spots – Once you’ve built up a group of people, you can utilize those watchers to sell promoting arrangements on your site.

On the off chance that you pick this course, we unequivocally prescribe just offering spots to brands you love. Perusers know when you aren’t energetic about something and can get killed off a thought quickly.

The greater part of all, recollect that blogging is anything but a speedy method to get rich. Figuring out how to start a fashion blog is just the start. Fruitful blogs regularly take a half year to a year to start acquiring a small measure of cash, and quite a long while to manufacture a steady pay. Try not to be disheartened in the event that you aren’t pulling in a large number of individuals in your first month.

Last guidance on the best way to start a fashion blog

There are a huge number of fashion blogs and learning how to start a fashion blog as well as make it fruitful is a long, troublesome procedure. However, on the off chance that you love fashion and you have something genuinely one of a kind to impart to the world, it very well may be a magnificent method to manufacture an optional pay, or even some time or another a full-time business.

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