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How to style your transparent frames?

Clear frames that we also call crystal glasses are easy to match with any outfit since they are transparent and don’t clash with any colour. If you don’t know how to match the colour of your glasses with your outfit or you want a frame that would go with anything you wear, these are a great option for you.

One more thing that make clear glasses so popular is that they are unisex frames so, both men and women can sport these frames and get a unique look. They are perfect for a simple look when you don’t want to garner much attention with your eyewear.

If you are looking to style your clear frames, it would become easier if you have knowledge about the different color spectrum. Whether you want your glasses to be the highlight of your look or you want them to blend seamlessly with your outfit, it all comes down to styling your frame the right way.

Not only are they perfect for everyday use, you can also use them as a complementary accessory to achieve your preferred style. Here are the things that you must consider when buying clear frames.

Frame shape

Finding the right frame for your face shape is an important part of styling your transparent glasses. A general rule is to buy frames shapes that are opposite to your facial structure. If you have a round form, add some angle to it with rectangular and square frames. It will make your face appear slimmer and add length to your face.

In case your face is angular with a broad chin and strong jaw, soften your features with round or circular frames. A diamond face needs a frame that has a wider top. Women’s glasses such as cat-eye glasses or butterfly frames can help in this matter.

For a heart-shaped face, oval glasses work best as they would draw more attention to the center of your face without putting much emphasis on your cheekbones.

Once you have found the right frame shape, it becomes easier to pick a suitable colour and own the style.

A complementary accessory

No matter if you wear prescription or non-prescription glasses, clear frames serve as a unique accessory that will enhance your every outfit. Whether you wear these to your office everyday or  like to take them out on a special occasion, they will add an elegant touch to your look without overpowering your facial features.

If you are someone who is not comfortable with the idea of wearing glasses and want something to achieve a subtle look, clear frames can help. They are almost invisible from afar so you won’t freak out over the fact that you are wearing glasses. If you have a late night party to attend, these frames are going to make you look amazing in low light selfies.

Looking for the perfect pair of men’s glasses to rock in your next office meeting? Clear frames won’t disappoint you. They are designed to work with any outfit be it formal or casual.


If you really want to do justice to your clear glasses, pair them with light colour outfits. The angles of your glasses become more noticeable when you wear them with lighter hues. If possible, try to match your glasses with shades of blue or cool tones such as light pink, green and purple.

Gary oldman is famous for sporting stylish clear frames with light and dark outfits. One of the biggest perks of these frames is that you can wear them with every outfit making people assume that you have a different frame for every wardrobe choice.


Like your glasses, your make-up should also be subtle, elegant and not edgy. Since these frames have a soothing appeal, your makeup should not be loud or dramatic as it would make the look fall apart. Soft eye makeup will help your frames be the focus point of your style. However, if you choose to wear dark or over-the-top makeup, your eyes will steal your frame’s shine.

If you want to make a classy statement, clear frames are an obvious choice. You can comfortably wear them to every occasion be it a date night, office party or dinner with your friends and family.

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