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Noita Wiki (video game)


Noita is an action-adventure rogue-lite game in development from Nolla Games. Players command a witch that can produce and cast spells to conquer enemies named following Finnish mythological creatures. 

The game occurs in a procedurally created world where each pixel is simulated. It was released in early accessibility for Microsoft Windows on 24 September 2019. Noita left early access since the 1.0 version was released on 15 October 2020.


The player character in Noita is a witch who generates and also casts spells in a procedurally generated 2D world where each pixel is simulated. Noita has permadeath, and also the player fights enemies who have critters named after Finnish mythological creatures like his and Iku-Turso.


Noita has been developed by Nolla Games, an independent game studio based in Helsinki, Finland. Noita is motivated by the 1998 artillery game Liero, falling-sand matches, and modern roguelikes.

Noita was released in early accessibility for Microsoft Windows on 24 September 2019 and can be dispersed on, Humble Bundle,, and Steam. The developer expected the game to maintain access for a year before its full release. On 22 September 2020, Nolla Games declared that Noita would leave early accessibility as the 1.0 version would be released on 15 October 2020


Noita was a finalist nominee in three categories in the 2019 Independent Games Festival: Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Excellence in Design, and Nuovo Award. Finnish computing website Muropaketti gave the early access version of Noita a 4 out of 5, also described the match as”unbridled and addictive” and that it”sets high expectations for the final game”.

The match was nominated for”Best Technology” at the 20th Game Developers Choice Awards.


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