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Pname Com Facebook Orca Error

Pname Com Facebook Orca Error don’t worry in this article you will get a solution about How to Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca Error.


The fact that Facebook is the largest social media site with 1 billion+ active users is an open secret. The business began as an essential platform for entertainment and social networking but has grown exponentially after.

That said, Facebook is also the choice for millions of organizations around the world who communicate with their respective customers on this site. Facebook is continuously searching for new changes due to the rapidly evolving demands of the online industry. However, some patches are not as expected and can cause incompatibility problems to screw up with your Android App. This can lead to multiple kinds of mistakes.

The Pname Com Facebook Orca Error is one of the most common errors you may find. This irritating misunderstanding means that other irregularities prevent the convergence between your handset and the Facebook Messenger app

Do you still have to delete the name of a Facebook katana tab, i.e.,, because you know it’s on your cell phone? You don’t have to delete it, so the response is ‘no.’ One thing you need to know.

The name of the folder is not a virus at all. It doesn’t affect your cell phone, yes we talk about your new Android phone. Nowadays, you see several divisive comments on the folder katana on Facebook, the folder with viruses and malware that is not right.

Most of the people have reported that the Katana folder consists of a virus that makes a large number of people so frightened that they hacked their Android phone at any time and could compromise their data or information by an unknown source, especially hackers.

Indeed, this culminated in a clear claim for the utility or usefulness of the Android or iOS system program on Android’s website. Moreover, we find that this sort of folder was not a virus at all and should not be scared of because we have been through the exact specifics of the Katana Orca folder.

What is Pname Com Facebook Orca?

We will know first of all what com.facebook.orca is above all.  Well, after downloading the Facebook Messenger program, this is the folder automatically installed at the default location of your Android computer. This folder primarily has the task of ensuring that the program is running smoothly on your computer. It also stores all messenger applications’ files, images, Cache, and audio plugins.

This folder can be found by browsing:

File Explorer > Internal Store / SD Card)>Android > Data > com.facebook. Orca File Explorer.

In short, com.facebook.orca is not just a random folder in your browser on your Ios. If you’re very curious, you’ll find it needs a lot of memory because all the Messaging messages and social media are stored here. Do you know you can get back all the important chats that have been removed in this folder? 

What is orca Katana on Facebook?

I’m sure you’ll find another folder called com.facebook. Katana, that’s the Facebook client product name. Facebook initially wanted to get Cortana, but they accepted Katana because of copyright concerns. Don’t care, then, at all about this tab.

This folder can also be found by navigating to the File:

Explorer > Storage System > Android > Data > com.facebook.katana (Sdc / Internal Store Card)

Altogether, this folder can be removed as it is immediately created when the Facebook program is reopened. This folder makes sure your Facebook app runs smoothly.

What’s Facebook Orca’s Pname Com Error?

The standard error message looks like that: “Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped “

Don’t try to uninstall the com.facebook. Orca folder after you get this update because that’s not the answer. Let me warn you once more that each time you restart the Facebook Messenger App, the folder is immediately recreated. Indeed, all your chats and pictures will be erased, so do you not want to?

What is the actual explanation for this error?

Such two folders are no virus or malware at all, as we said above. Please don’t spend your precious time disabling these two default files, because they might be useful in the future. The explanation of why the incorrect error message was received is that the Messenger software was not correctly configured. This could be due to slow system speed, and thus the download of the software can not be handled appropriately.

How will the Pname Com Facebook Orca error be fixed?

Let me guide you through a few easy tricks to fix this error without any further ado. There are three different steps to resolve this error as follows:

  1. Method for clear data

That is the most preferred of all the approaches in this section since the entire Messenger Facebook app would be deleted without it being uninstalled. Only follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Applications section of the Configuration folder
  • Click on the Program Manager link to access and handle all device information.
  • Press the Facebook app and Clear Details. This is the final step.
  • After all the above, the final step is to restart the Facebook app.
  1. Method of Clear Cache

Method # 1 obey all the above steps. But you should select the Clear Cache option instead of pressing Clear Info. Easy data alternative will uninstall all details on your Account, including username and password. Your application is as healthy as fresh in this manner.

  1. Method of Uninstalling / Reinstalling 

You’ve got no choice but to delete the Facebook app if the annoying message ever pops up. That is how to do it:

  • In the Apps parts of the Facebook Messenger app
  • Open the button and press the Uninstall key.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Messenger app from Google Play Store again. Orca Bug has settled the Pname Com Site!

Now, How are deleted messages recovered using the.orca archive com.facebook?

If you have erroneously deleted some Facebook Messenger message, here is a step-by-step tutorial about how to get it back.

  • Open the folder of your computer for the File Manager. If you don’t have one, you can always grab one from the Google Play Store.
  • Go to SD / Storage Card after you open and select the folder for Android
  • Select the folder of the system which contains all the program files
  • Press com.facebook.orca’ that is part of the app
  • Locate the folder for Cache and find the folder for FB temp while in it

Both the backup copies are placed in this folder of the Facebook Messenger. Go ahead and gather all the details, both personally and as a group, that you have ever had. Currently, the tension of downloading a File Manager program does not occur. If you have a device, attach it with a USB cable to your phone and find tab. It’s so fast!


Now that you are aware of how to get Facebook Messenger messages accidentally erased, we hope you can enjoy your chats without worrying. If the irritating Facebook Orca Error Pname Com pops up, immediately follow the directions above to correct the problem efficiently.


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