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Arrowteks – Review

There are a lot of Forex trading platforms out there and at times it tends to be a difficult decision to make when deciding which platform to go for. With the increase in the popularity of digital money, Forex trading is on the rise and it is time for everyone to pick a platform that suits them the best. So, how do we know which platform is the best for us? That is a million-dollar question for some beginner in the trading world. Experts In the trading world may know a little about what things are best what to look for in a good trading platform but many people are clueless about it. Therefore, I thought I would write about my experience regarding finding a trading platform and using their services as well. 

I was recommended by the Arrowteks forex trading platform by a friend who knew that I was struggling to find a good and trusted company. After giving in to his request to check the platform out once at least, I gave it a go. To this day, I have been using Arrowteks’s services for three years now. Since I have used the platform for quite a long time I think I am very well equipped to give people its review so they can know what Arrowteks has to offer if they decide to become a client of the company. I want to discuss the Arrowteks platform by starting with its Trading platform then moving on to the Education center, Account types, Customer services, Risk management, Safety, and security and at last giving a verdict on this platform.

Trading Platform

Starting with the trading platform, let’s talk about what the main page has to offer to the visiting users. On the very first page, you will see that everything is presented to you in a way that you can access all services and pages with just one click. You get the option to directly go to the page of the trading platform, where you will see a chart. The chart is completely customizable to your liking. There are so many options available to you that even a beginner using the chart for the first time will be able to catch up quickly. The chart’s default setting shows a candlestick view which can be changed to Spline, Scatter, Line, and OHLC. The chart indicator can also be changed, there are many options for that too. 

For trading, you have the option of Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks, lastly Indices. There is a limited amount of indices futures and Crypto deposits have an above average commission, but the platform is working on it. On the very left side of the screen, you will observe options like Trade, Positions, Closed positions, Deposit, Funds, Acc, State, Settings, and Support. Basically, anything that would you need while trading will evidently be present on the page for your ease. You will just have to explore the page a little bit and make your preferred setting and trade the way you like the best. 

Education Center

The education center of Arrowteks is particularly interesting. They have taken care of both the beginner and the expert traders. Arrowteks offers Glossary, eBooks, Asset Index, and FAQs. Each section has tons of material available for anyone looking for some help. For beginners, eBooks particularly are fantastic. How they have managed to arrange their asset index is beyond impressive as you can literally see all the assets, they offer alphabetically categorized information like their trading hours and Expiry rule. Arrowteks offers twelve eBooks that are there for newbie traders and some for experts. Everyone can learn a little from those eBooks. Although the collections can be improved, the books are not so bad either.  Their FAQs answer the most basic questions that most people have about the trading platforms. Overall, they are able to provide a good education center for all. 

Account Types

Now comes the most crucial part of any trading platform that you must explore as soon as you get to their site. It’s imperative that a trading platform is able to provide a variety of account types to accommodate all sorts of traders. As we all have our different needs and requirements when it comes to trading so having a wide range of account types and features is much appreciated. Arrowteks does a good job of giving its clients almost four account types. So, no matter what your trading goals might be, you will be able to find an account type that can get you settled with its features.

Let’s go through each account type and see what they have to offer.

Silver Account

The very basic account is Silver. It is best for people who are just starting out in the trading world. It provides a limited feature so you can use it to test out the platform as well. The Silver account offers over 200 tradable assets, Market reviews, and Significant leverages up to 100. The minimum base deposit for this account is 250 Euros. I honestly think that it is a good deal for people who want to see what this platform is like for the first time and for people who are beginners in trading.

Gold Account

If you think that you have eminent knowledge about trading and want to get some more features in your account, then you have the option to choose the Gold account. The Gold account offers over 200 tradable assets, Market review, Dedicated Account manager, Bonus funds, Lucrative spreads: Gold spreads, Significant leverages up to 200, Trade room analysis tier 3, Financial Planning, Risk management, Special venture promotions. Monthly webinars, and Prioritized withdrawal process Level 3. The minimum base deposit for this account is 10,000 Euros. That is a whole lot of features as compared to the Silver account. 

Platinum Account

The Platinum account includes all the features mentioned in the Gold account plus some more upgraded features like Lucrative spreads: Platinum spreads, Significant leverages up to 300, Trading signals, Trade room analysis tier 2, Weekly webinars, Private analyst sessions, and Prioritized withdrawal process level 2. This platinum account has a minimum deposit requirement of 50,000 Euros.

VIP Account (Invitation Only)

The last account type that Arrowteks offers is called the VIP account with all the features that are included in the platinum account with more upgrades like Lucrative spreads: VIP spreads, Significant leverages up to 400, Complete access to trade room analysis, Access to lucrative VIP events. Complete access to webinars, and prioritized withdrawal process level 1. This VIP account is an invitation only.

Customer Service

Customer service is yet another important thing when it comes to trading platforms. I believe that one way or another you end up needing help from customer service, sometimes at crucial events. Arrowteks provides round the clock 24/7 customer service via email and live chat. They also offer phone services to the United Kingdom and Australia. They can improve their phone service to include some other countries as well. Their phone operating hours are from Monday to Friday 05:00-16:00 GMT. Chat support hours are from Monday to Friday 07:00-14:00 GMT. To start a live chat with Arrowteks support system all you have to do is provide them your email address and the subject of your issue and you can get right to the issue and have a reasonable solution from them.

Risk Management & Security

Definitely go through their terms and conditions where they explain everything from how they have certain policies that guarantee your security while using their platform to how they make sure that you can trade safely. They follow the KYC policy which stands for Know Your Customer. So, as part of their KYC procedures, they have to conduct identity verification and eligibility verification to make sure you are 18 years or above. All these things only ensure that your identity remains secure and that you can trade with ease knowing that Arrowteks is taking care of you.

Arrowteks also is very keen on their Anti-Money Laundering Policy. They make sure that both the company and client are subject to Anti Money Laundering laws and regulations, applicable worldwide and locally. The policy is to make sure that people refrain from money laundering, these policies include, ensuring users have a valid proof of identification. They take harsh actions if they find any misconduct. 

Should You Become A Client of Arrowteks?

I think I have given you all the insights into the platform. From their trading platform to their account types. You clearly know everything about Arrowteks now to decide for yourself whether it is suitable for you or not. In my opinion, I think this is a very good platform. They offer a good starting account type called Silver you should give that a try and get to know all their services. So far as I have been using their services, they have proved credible to me and I trust them completely. I have recommended this platform to my uncles and friends and they have been satisfied with Arrowteks services as well. Give it a try as you won’t know how trustworthy they are until you trade with them.

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