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The Difference Between Ceramic Band Heaters and Mica Heaters

There are several types of band heaters. They are ceramic band heaters, mica band heaters, and aluminum band heaters. There are also rectangular band heaters and strip band heaters. All are used frequently as industrial band heaters, but manufacture consumers have a lot of questions about the differences and advantages between ceramic band heaters and mica band heaters. Learn more about these two kinds of band heaters right here.

Ceramic Band Heaters

When it comes to ceramic band heaters, there are one-piece bands and two-piece bands. These are usually used for transferring heat into the parts of industrial machines and are also used as extruders, injection moldings, and circular containers and pipeworks.

The ceramic band heater is developed with fiber insulation between the ceramic component and the casing. This gives the ceramic band the key advantage of reducing energy consumption by as much as 30 percent. It heats evenly and accurately.

It also offers high-temperature insulation that will ensure no temperature leaks during use. Ceramic by nature is an efficient heat conductor, and is very difficult to break. This capability ensures its durability.

Another advantage to the ceramic band heater is that it is easy to install or mount, and is extremely durable. Installation occurs with a clamping screw with a spring. In addition to its easy installation, its application costs are low despite the external ceramics.

You can have ceramic band heaters customized by dimensions and shape, but mica band heaters can be customized as well.

Mica Band Heaters

Mica band heaters also are very easy to customize and are also very appealing to the eye. They are made of an alloy heating wire with natural mica serving as the cable sheath.

They offer a high watt density with a temperature capability as high as 700 degrees Fahrenheit in as fast as 60 seconds. This technology combines convection and radiant heat at the same time.

It does so with a wire-bending manufacturing process, whereas with ceramic band heaters, the wire is threaded. Although the heat output with the mica band is excellent, this threading process coupled with ceramics yields a higher heat than the mica heater.

This is a product that is a safe method of heat transfer, and also a method of heat transfer with no fumes. Mica band heaters are sometimes preferred due to this stability.

Overall their advantages are efficiency and durability. They have a very long shelf-life. They also come in a very affordable price range.

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