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Publishdrive Market Review for 2020

Are you an author? You should be aware of the best publishing companies in 2020. It will help you to stay ahead in the publishing industry. You cannot get two similar publishing companies. Do not rely on trial and error if you are an author and want to work with publishing companies.

The world is full of scammy vanity companies. It is right for you to be cautious since they are eager to take you hard-earned cash as an author. Carry out your research to understand self-publishing companies that can help you publish a high-quality book at cost-friendly.

You have worked hard to learn how to write your book. It is suitable for you to make your decision wisely about the publication of your ebook. Here is the Publishdrive market review for 2020. 

Signing up into Publishdrive

Would you want to begin your publishing journey with Publishdrive? You can start by signing up for a free account. It is quite easy to register, and you will be required to enter your name. When you have done, you provide your email and chosen password. 

Are you through with the registration? You will be directed to the author’s dashboard. You will discover various features like access to the PD author community, your distribution service, and Publishdrive free eBook converter.

Publishdrive subscription plans

 Publish drive is the best publishing company to provide its customers with tiered subscription plans. That is for the global aggregated eBook distribution. All the Publishdrive plans allow you to retain 100% of your royalties, but you must pay a flat-rate monthly fee.

Are you new to self-publishing? Choose the Tryout plan. It is an ideal package for you. With the Tryout plan, you will distribute one tile without paying anything forever. Besides, you will still be getting all your royalties 100%. But using the Tryout plan limits you to bibliotheca, 24symbols, overdrive, Scribd, Burness, and great apple books and amazon.

The Publishdrive full distribution network extends the platforms provided in the tryout package. You can access the global markets, 16+ other channels, and also Google play with Publishdrive full distribution channel.

If you choose a standard plan, you will part with 19.99 USD every month. The start plan will offer you a chance to distribute up to five titles via their full distribution network. With the standard plan, there are inbuilt promotion tools you are allowed to access. 

Publishdrive also offers you a pro plan. Here, you will be expected to pay 99.99 USD per month. You can use this plan to distribute titles ranging to fifty. Pro plan has multiuser account capabilities you can access. The plan also allows you to use bulky import options and imprint management.

Publisher plan is another good subscription plan offered to you by Publishdrive. Would you want to use this plan? You will be required to contact Publishdrive to get the pricing quote. The publisher plan allows you to distribute more than fifty titles. You will also enjoy dedicated VIP support when you decide to use a publisher plan. 

Publishdrive PD Abacus feature

Publishdrive has a PD feature that you will never find in many self-publishing companies. Do you have a co-author? You may be more than one person writing a book. The PD feature allows you to easily track the costs, share information, and make calculations on how you can split the royalties. But you will only enjoy that feature for free on your first title. For the other tiles you write, you will be required to pay 2.99 USD/ month per title.

Collaborations are among the ten trends within the publishing industry. Co-authoring can assist you in streamlining the process of writing. You can look at partnerships from the perspective of your marketing investment and reader base-building efforts. With the help brand from another author, you can reach out to many readers, and the PD feature offers you that opportunity to co-write.

Distribution feature 

You will be required to take some time to answer some questions here. The questions are about your goals and experience. Also, you will be asked about the book or books you want to publish. There are various categories of books, and you will have to pick one for your books.

The options available include YA fiction, self-help, romance, mystery, horror, health and fitness, and fantasy. When you have made your choice of the pricing plan, you can view the distribution dashboard. Once your first book has been uploaded and published, you can now access the sales data and the analytics on that page.

High standards book review

The PublishDrive adheres to apple and amazon lead to introduce high-quality requirements. There is an automatic book review system that has the support of natural language processing. It flags pictures and contents in an automated manner. The book review team also exists in PublishDrive. The team has a role in validating partners.

In broad distribution, you will discover that many libraries have restrictions about publishing the PublishDrive has created a system that categorizes adult content through a grinding process.

The algorithm in PublishDrive looks at the cover design together with other illustrations within the book to help avoid publication of adult content in K12 schools. Publishdrive also takes spamming and copyright strictly.

Any PLR book that has no exclusive copyright license is not allowed to be published. PublishDrive cannot accept even the public domain books that have unique content.   

Promotions with stores

They have become more critical because there are more books you have to stand out from. Look out for all available options you can get broad, and with Publishdrive, you can feature to the bestselling newsletters or categories.

Payment and sales reports

Being an author can be stressful and tiresome to maintain accurate and meaningful records concerning sales data. But with Publishdrive, everything has been made easy for you. You will enjoy excellent reporting with Publishdrive. The user’s interface is intuitive and very clear.

Have you done any publication through Publishdrive? You can receive your payments through various methods. Whether you are using Payoneer, Intercash, PayPal, Check, Bank transfer, or even wire transfer, you can quickly receive your payment. The minimum payouts threshold in Publishdrive is five dollars. But you are allowed to set your payment threshold.

New partnerships or retailers

Today, Publishdrive has the broadest network of retailers compared to other self-publishing companies. Diversity is among the core values of the company has partnered with more retailers to promote the sale of books.

Publishdrive has partnered with Google to provide services. It is helping the authors to manage analytics, promotions, and titles. The process to sell on Google play is below optimal. While several eBook aggregator companies have halted their working plan with Google books, the Publishdrive has maintained its operations with the company.

Through Google Books, the Publishdrive has managed to streamline many operations and is helping many authors achieve more than 2.5 billion android users across the globe. To begin reaching to the new Asian markets, the PublishDrive has partnered with Chinese. The company has invested in beta programs with book services.


PublishDrive is among self-publishing company in 2020 you can use to accomplish your book writing goals. With PublishDrive, you will enjoy various eBook marking features. No upfront charges incurred when using this publisher. It permits you to maintain track of all your sales and invoices.

If you are looking for a system that efficiently distributes your eBook, go for PublishDrive drive. You will enjoy the most efficient services. PublishDrive has a strict publication requirement that guarantees quality. The different subscription plans ensure that you can choose the plan that suits you well. Begin your publication today with PublishDrive and enjoy the most effective and efficient services.   

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