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StocksCM Review 2021- Will This Trading Platform Offer You The Success That You’ve Been Looking For?

Ever since last year, I’ve been really struggling to find ways and hobbies to fill up my free time. Recently I’ve been getting more and more into trading. I have gained experience, both good and bad, in this industry.

I have used platforms that righthandedly have given me a hard time and a good learning experience. I have recently noticed that trading is also something that other people and the youth have gotten interested in. Now, I’m here to give you all the pointers and advice from my experience. I was fond of the idea that trading isn’t effortless as it sounds.

A lot of time and money, and effort goes into it. Luckily my father was just as fond of the trading industry and had recommended me this platform. Before using StocksCM, I had gained enough experience to know that I might be not happy with the results of such websites. Still, to my surprise, I was actually completely wrong. StocksCM is the most convenient platform that I have yet used, and I was delighted with the end results. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience to write a detailed review about StocksCM.

Since my father recommended me the StocksCM forex trading platform, I was intrigued to use it, who has been in this industry for quite some time. I have used many platforms beforehand and have had my fair share of getting scammed by them. Hence, getting into trading again has been thought-provoking, but anyhow, this platform has changed my perspective completely.

First Impression:

My first impression of the website was that it was well explained and to the point. The little summaries with graphics give a well-informed overview of what the user will receive from the platform. Even I had felt at ease while using this site. Although I will have to say that the color contrast chosen for the pages was a bit dark for my liking, that is just my opinion. Overall, I could see the features were laid out with little summaries, which is quite helpful. Everything was accessible, easy to use, and self-explanatory. A beginner and a trader would find it compelling to use.


The date and time are mentioned at the top right corner of the screen.  The bold lettering and the graphics are a nice touch that gives the main page a nice and attractive look. I noticed that the only languages available are English and Dutch, which might be of concern as the international clientele might be put off. Providing a wide range of languages might be a good idea. The live chat is available at the bottom right corner of the screen, and the security information is provided at the end of the page. The website has many contents that can further help you like Education Centre, Account types and Info. The layout was easy to understand and practical.

Education Center:

The education center has four contents: FAQs, EBooks, Asset Index, and Glossary. The FAQs are primarily for the people that are beginners, and they are the commonly asked questions and their answers that novices want. It is beneficial and comes in handy for people that have been in the trading industry for a while. I have found it pretty pleasing. The following section that is very cooperating for the novices is the Glossary. The Glossary has all the words and terms that might be a bit strange for beginners. It is instrumental and accommodating. EBooks are another section where I have spent most of my time educating myself about trading and getting to know that industry. The great thing about them is that they have tiny previews of the books written with them, which is very compliant. Finally, the asset index is where they have jotted down all the assets they offer. Whenever I needed to find the asset, I was looking for, I would quickly hop over to the asset index to see their complete list.


Account Types:

StocksCM offers various account packages that can be chosen according to your preference. As I have started using the website, I had chosen the silver package. The silver account is idyllic for beginners who just got into trading. It offers a pretty standard option for the lucrative spreads and prioritized withdrawal processes. The significant leverages propose up to 200 tradable securities, competitive spreads, a senior account manager, risk management preparation, and private analyst are comprised in this—all worth 250 euros. After using the Silver package, I was comfortable with, I signed up for the Gold account to upgrade my skills and enhance my knowledge. Other categories like Platinum and VIP are also available and have more to offer. Eventually, I see myself using different types to improve and boost my trading skills.

Payment Methods:

The payment method that is provided by StocksCM are;

  • Bank wire
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

One thing that caught my attention was that the advanced options of PayPal, IDEAL, and others were not accessible. If they were, they would have made a tremendous difference for the better. I used the same method as I did to withdraw and deposit my funds, and my experience was very stress-free. In addition, the customers have the choice to update their account by giving withdrawals a higher priority rating which is what I did. Overall, the whole transaction process was relatively easy and straightforward. I never had to worry about how much time the process would take. In this manner, StocksCM is pretty great to take accountability for managing Deposits and Withdrawals.

Customer Services:

The available options for getting customer services are live chat, phone calls, and email. I used the live chat option as I am a bit more comfortable with it than on the phone. My experience was nothing short of excellent and smooth. I had no problem contacting them and got the help that I needed. They also have a 24/7 telephone line. One thing I had noticed was that their replies were pretty quick. I had gotten all my questions answered with the correct information. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Customer services should be an excellent experience for any sort of visitor. It shows how serious a platform is to provide assistance to its clients. I believe StocksCM has done an excellent job in this regard because I never felt like they were ever unable to solve my issues.

Educational Opportunities:

The eBooks provided massive help for me to gain further knowledge about trade. I can’t imagine a better place for novice traders to learn more and educate themselves accurately about trade. The Glossary is also an excellent place to learn further and educate yourself about the terms used in trade to get yourself more used to this industry. This site has made me gain knowledge and have practical experience. Other than

12 eBooks are provided, each with a summary to further explain its content. They cover a wide range of knowledge of everything you might need to know about trade firsthand before diving into it. From a to z, everything you require to understand is available, which I thought was excellent.


Deposit and withdrawal:

The best to have prompt withdrawal and deposit it has the same strategy for both. Since I used bank wire and master card, I found out that it was straightforward to do and without any hassle. Before finding this platform, I needed to find a broker who took responsibility for keeping the funds safe and did transactions on time.

Usability convenience:

StocksCM is a very easy-to-use platform. I felt at ease and very comfortable with using it. It is an excellent platform for all novices to start trading. It is informal and familiar. I had to face little to no problems. Using the contents such as the Glossary and ebooks helped me throughout. A trading site is purely judged by how convenient it can be for the users. Anything too complex and the website will lose the customers. So I can say that using this platform was very accommodating.


To conclude this review, StocksCM is a brilliant trading platform that is successive, especially today’s economy. When I have spent using StocksCM, I have felt very comfortable and well informed. I had very few problems, and those were sorted out by using the customer service, which was always pleasant. I have gained a positive experience with them as their customer service and contents were helpful. Although I found out that finding a platform where you feel most at ease is very difficult using this, I have found my go-to medium. It was a diverse platform where I could find the help I needed and the information I needed. I definitely see myself using this platform in the future.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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